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For all you Pro Bro's in the Pacific Northwest.............
If you can't go to Houston, for YNOT's Event, here's one for ya.

It will be at Sand Point, in a 90,000 sq ft hangar. Electrics only. Several of us will have 3DX's there. All day (and night) event.

This will be my third time I have hosted this event, and its gonna be the best, because of the huge hangar we have lined up.

I will post more information and links within a few days.

Dan :D

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Seattle WA, 3rd Annual Winter Indoor Electric/Rubber/Swap Meet Flyin [ 1 ]

Seattle WA. 3rd Annual Barn Owls/RAMS Indoor/Electric/Rubber/Swap Meet Fly In.

Well, its that time of year again. Many changes.
Where: Hanger 27 Magnusen Park (Sand Point) Seattle Washington
When: March 6th, 2004. a saturday, from 9AM to ?
What: Indoor Electric Flyin. Rubber Powered Flight. Swap Meet. All this inside a 90,000 Sq Ft Hanger.
What Else?: HUGE Raffle, mini events
How Much: 10 bucks a head.

EVENT SCHEDULE with Open flying throughout the day

9:00AM Pilot Briefing
9:30 Free Flight
10:30 Combat (IFO, Slow Stick)
11:00 Gym-E Pylon (Stock, Unlimited)
12:00 3D Exhibition
1:00 Lightest
2:00 Raffle Drawing
2:30 Scale
3:30 Most Unusual
5:00 to ???? All Open Flying (get your moneys worth!)

This year ought to be the best, because of a change in venue. While last year was the best yet for attendance, the location really cramped our style, especially when we couldn't use the hanger that was used the first year. I really resolved to find a better location.

After the Barn Owls started up, and I joined as a member, flew there............ and said AHA!!! we gotta have it here next year.
Due to other problems, we couldn't have it in the traditional weekend after New Years. As also the RAMS Vice President, I extended an offer to Trevor, the President of the Barn Owls, and we have joined forces to host the event in the HUGE hanger up in Seattle.

At a Later Date, a link will be provided to the club website for the event flyer.
This event being made possible by our sponsers:
Quiet Flyer,
Todd's Models,
Galaxy Hobbies,
Ultimate Hobbies,
Mega Motors.

Bring lots of planes to fly, and money to spend !!!
Be there, or Be square !!
Dan Neil

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Here is a link to a flyer for the event:

Map to Hanger 27

Here is a link to a map showing where Hanger 27 is.

You MUST enter at 74th St Gate. The 80th St is an Overpass over the access road and will not get you there. If you look closely at the map, you will see it. ... s/spmp.JPG

From I-5 any direction, get off at NE 45th St, and go EASTBOUND. This eventually turns into Sand Point Way. Just stay on this road til you get to the 74th St Gate, go through the gate and IMMEDIATELY turn left into a side access road. If you make into the water, you just missed Hanger 27. It will be on your right.


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Just letting you all know, its all going forward. there HAS been some developements as follows:

You may want to bring your own chairs. There are about 60 chairs there. Expeirence tell me, that that won't be enough. Also at this time there are about 50 tables. About 12 are reserved for the vendors that are aponsoring the event. That leaves 38 tables.

Efforts to get more tables and chairs are ongoing. We are trying to keep expenses down, as this is our first time in such a expensive building.

Remember AC outlets ARE limited. Either bring LONG extension cords, or a FULLY charged battery.

A neat thing, is that we have figgered out a layout so we can have TWO flightlines going at once. Yes Virginia, the building is THAT big.

A food vendor is questionable at this time. Bring food, or be prepared to drive a little for food. about 3 or 4 miles away, or an AM-PM fairly nearby (Yechhhh)

WE have the building til Midnight, if any is still running and flying at that point. Lighting is ok.

When comming in from I-5 as per the directions provided on the links. there will be signage directing you to the place.

THe following are the possible competitions except where noted
Smallest/lightest - must do at least one flight
Scale - must do at least one flight
Best Decorated - must do at least on flight
Combat - this is confirmed !!!!!
Most unusual - again one flight minimum.
Endurance - ????? may be a limit on flights, someone might come and fly all day on a charge. ;-o
Rubber and Free Flight, one flight minimum
3D competition - I'm pretty sure this is confirmed.

Come on guys, this is your event. I'd really like to see opinions posted here !!!!!!!!! Just barely a month away now !! Looking forward to see all of ya.

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I forgot to mention that the people that "birthed" 3D Flying mag will be there. I'm talking about Quiet Flight. Our ad for the event is in the mag.

If I got it wrong, then post it and I'll remove it.

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link to the map has been fixed

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Sponsors! [ 30 ]

Only a bit over a week before the big event!! I wanted to recognize our sponsors in advance and remind you that many of them will have booths with lots of goodies there on Saturday March 6. So save your RC budget cash between now and then and spend freely at the event. This is a nice way of thanking these guys who really stepped up early on to make this event a reality. Because we had to pay a significant amount to rent the Hangar for the day, the event absolutely would not have happened if not for their contributions. The sponsors are:

Galaxy Hobbies
Mega Motors
Quiet Flyer
Todd's Models
Ultimate Hobbies

We'll also have tables for a swap meet. Another reminder is that these are for individual sellers only. Our sponsors are the only ones permitted to conduct commercial sales at the event.

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Great !!
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