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Make .dxf and .dwg files uploadable

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You gotta zip and unzip them now...can you make it where the native files (or whatever they are called) can be posted??
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Here ya go


Thanks! :D
Chuck, you get everything you're a spoiled baby!!! :p
Not sure of the mechanincs of it, but is there a reason we can't upload/send any type of attachement? Like sending a word doc in a pm or something?
Yes, you could have an asshole upload some nasty worms or virus stuff, executable attachments. That would suck.
Mainly it's 2 things I'm worried about. Viruses and file size.

You can zip up anything and upload it. Word Docs can get huge, so I'd rather have them zipped. As for the viruses, it's not for our protection. This stuff runs on a Linux box, and we are almost 100% immune to the viruses of the Windows world, but the macros and stuff in the MS Office files can contain things that will spread around.

Mainly, it's the file size. Just zip it up. Most of the CAD files we are uploading are actually simple text files and are pretty small. You can open them in notepad and read them if you want.
By golly, I never tried to open a .dwg in Notepad, but it works! It's gibberish, but it's there.
Yep, now if you knew the language you could plot out the lines :wink:

Did you know that postscript is just a programming language for printers and is text. You can write a Postscript "program" that draws pictures and send it to a postscript printer and your picture will come out. The files got so big, though much of today's postscript output is binary and compressed to save space.

I used to do color press-press support of the RIP boxes that processed the postscript file and render the image that would go to the color pre-press printer or digital color press. One of the guys that was a clinet knew Postscript and could write files from memory that would draw boxes, squares, lines, etc. Bigtime dork :lol:
If I could read that shit I'd have a cable pugged into the back of my head and use a phone to get around 8)

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You cant read that Chuck?
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