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Made it thru another one!

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Well, Jeanne killed the lights ( and the covering iron) for about 12 hrs. on Sunday, and got my carpet wet. I've been incredibly blessed to make it thru 3 storms and have this as my worst damage. Many others were not so lucky. Let's just hope we don't get any more for a loooong while.
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Glad for ya.....I have some freinds down there so I know you all have been getting hammered.
Glad to hear you made it though okay. Fortunately, my parents place in Bartow made it through this one as well. A few of their neighbors weren't so lucky with one of the previous hurricanes. Their place is my hotel for the Lakeland ProBro! I haven't heard from one of my best friends form high school. He lived on Tampa Bay just south of Tampa. I've e-mailed him several times but haven't heard from him since Ivan hit.
I was so touched by the kind words I just cut a hinge slot in precicely the wrong place. Basmntdweller, your buddy should be fine from what I've seen, Tampa only got glancing blows.
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