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linkages questions..

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:?: gentleman im a profile newbie.. i have a goldberg extreme 330... looking to strengthne the linkages to the control surface...what doyou guys use? is there ahomebrew? like arrow shafts...or stuff like that to make slop free links..that are strong?

thnaks in advance !!!
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Yep, you can do that. Might add some weight though, at least the way I do it (I use this mostly on bigger planes). A piece of 4-40 (cut approx 2") all thread, stuck in to CF arrow shaft with JB Weld (not the fast cure) works great. Just make sure get enough JB in both ends. When you do the 2nd end, it trys to push the other end out so you have to create a temporary air passage with the first 4-40. The link shows one on my big profile. Got this set-up on a few planes now and it's cheap and works great. If you use clevises on both ends, make sure you put a lock nut on at least one of them (4-40 nut tight against clevis) to prevent the rod from turning.

Click on link and then click on cf linkage ... =l&.src=bc
slop free linkages:

remember the linkage assembly is only as strong as the weakest part, and will have all the slop of all the links put together.

-keep linkages short (tail servos!)
-slop free servos
-heavy-duty servo arms
-sullivan or other metal solder clevises soldered to 4-40 rod, end threaded
-another metal threaded clevis on the other end, loctite in place when linkage is set right, use the blue loctite, not the red!
-and make sure that you use decent control horns, too.

one nice thing about the metal clevises (plastic ones too) is that for most standard and mini servo arms, you'll have to open up the holes to fit the clevis' pin, do this carefully and there will be zero slop.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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