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landing Gear

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Hey guys, I have need of a set of "standard" gear for a big plane, say 15 pounds. I'm not looking for beauty, so no CF is required. I'd like to spend as little as I can. Where would you look?
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Try TNT. There is another company like TNT, but i cant remember the name.
Gordo, scole is correct for standard. for cf. CF will save about 5 oz on that size.
JRozman said:
Gordo, scole is correct for standard. for cf. CF will save about 5 oz on that size.
THe stuff I have is wider than anything TNT has, that is where I started :lol: I was hoping there was annother place. I guess I could just adapt whtever I can get if it's too narrow.

Thanks guys
Hey Gordo, how big are you looking for?
I might have something out in the garage from my giant scale stuff. If not I'm sure I can find you what your looking for.
about 2 1/2" wide at the fuse, front to back. And about 6" wide left to right. Ht is about 6 1/2". The dimensions are not critical.
Hey gordo, I have a brand new set of gear for a dp extra. I will send em to you for free if you can use em! You cover postage of course! I'll measure them if you are still interested. But should be close to what you are looking for.
I've got a set of the 2 piece gear from the Great Planes 120 size Giles G-202, and set of gear from the Sig Cap 231EX. I'll get some measurements and let you know. If either of them will work they are yours for postage reimbursement.

Thank you both, I am very interested. For some reason I didn't get notification of the replies here, sorry about that. Let me know the measurements and I'll see if I can make them work. Worst part is the front to back, that's wider than almost anything I can find. Tetherite has a good one but I really can't spend $45 on it right now.
What sort of secret big plane you scheming on??
ChuckAuger said:
What sort of secret big plane you scheming on??
I'll ask if I'm allowed to talk about it yet, it was much more of a "diamond in the rough" type project, but it's really a nice bird. But it's not a 3D monster by any means. Even Bill liked flying it, and he made fun of me at first!! :lol:
I do not know what in the HELL Gordo is talking about...but it was kinda fun... :wink:
Hay Gordo, I don't have a single thing that can help you. Nothin!!! I just want to say hello. Hello. :shock:
Ive got some gear from a dave patrick 60" ultimate. Can you post what size you need
I've had custom gear manufactured from

The price was reasonable.
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