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lakeland probro update

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everything is go on the fly in here jan. 1st! finally about over this last hurricane. it blew the roof off our club's shelter, and racked the whole structure. we got the roof back on it saturday. It also blew the roof off both porta potties! so we got another one of those. the club meeting is this thursday, and am going to finalize raffle and food setup. haven't started my mojo yet, got 3 planes in front of it, but will have it flying by then.

Primitive camping is ok at site, and many motels close. will post some phone #'s for motels if anyone is interested.

fantasy of flight museum is also close (about 5 miles from field) and a lot of nice full scale stuff. here is their website-
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Right now we are planning on being there. It'll be touch and go for us though, if work doesn't catch up I'll never be able to afford it, we're still trying to make up for our losses while I was sick.

We'll be going as far south as we can afford (Hopefully the Keys, but I doubt it) and catching you guys on the way home. Christmass is FL, what could be better??? I'll have planes in a trailer, any chance I could drop it at someone's house that would be very secure?
Wish I could help, Gordo, but I'm in a condo. Too bad... I would take reeeaaallll good care of your planes for you!
gordo, if you want to drop the trailer here at the house it's no problem.

I would recommend going to the keys if possible; I lived there for a year, beautiful place but expensive to live! check out the key lantern motel/ blue fin inn; best prices in the keys. islamorada is a good deal in general. you can go out on robbies charters for about 35 bucks, they will clean the fish, then you go across the bridge and the resturant there will cook your catch for you! ask robbies about feeding the tarpon, you gotta do that. and dinner at the green turtle inn is a must. if you go as far as marathon, annette's steak and lobster is about the best there. I personally don't care for key west itself, as it is kinda touristy. used to live on big pine and work in key west.

as you can tell, I realy liked the keys; and will go back when I retire. just have to make a LOT more money!
Ron Ferrer said:
gordo, if you want to drop the trailer here at the house it's no problem.

I would recommend going to the keys if possible;
Thanks man, I'll let you know.

We've been down to the Keys many times, nothing like the Square at sunset (of course, now we have kids :cry: ) We used to take a travel trailer to Ohio Key and spend a week or 2 in the off season. I love to Snorkel, so there is no shortage of interest ther for me. My wife likes the sun, so we're both happy!!!!
ha! small world! I used to drive over ohio key all the time on my way to marathon from big pine. from here I usually take 27 to miami, cut across krome ave., which bypasses miami and goes straight to us1 in homestead. low traffic route. if you need anything let me know, and come on down!! several days in the keys will do wonders for your stress level. but it's hard to leave!!! :D that's how I got stuck there! but lakeland's liveable. fairly small, clean, low crime, good economy, close to orlando, tampa, etc. but there is nothing like watching the sun rise while crossing 7 mile bridge...

Ron knows better than I do about the weather, but I regularly wear shorts playing golf when I am down that time of year. Leaving the clubs at home though this year...gotta have room for planes and gear!

All you guys reading this, you oughtta try to come! Going back home in Jan. with a tan will make you the envy of all your flying buddies.

you are pathetic!
:D :D :D
well, the weather depends on if a front is coming through or not. coldest it will be is 50, highest is about 80. you oughta see us in the coats and insulated coveralls freezing when it's 50! :D usually it doesn't get that cold here until mid-late jan. so bring some shorts! 8)
It's marked on my calendar. I haven't been down to see my parents in three years. They are down the road in Bartow but used to be in Lakeland. It depends on whether my wife can get the first week of January off work. I figured I'd drive down the 27th or so and she could fly down that weekend. We could stay the following week and drive back the 7th-8th. If she can't get off, I'd still try to go but I'd have to find a rideshare with someone. I don't want to drive that far alone. I'd fall asleep!
I wish I had the $.

An extremely jealous Bro that HATES WI winters.
I'm gonna be off from the day after christmas until jan. 3rd, and will be flying every day, probably. so if anyone does come down early come on out to the field! has map.


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