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KY or IN bros, a little help?

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guys, I'm going to nashville this weekend. A freind in Leitchfield has an airplane of mine, and I need someone to pick it up there or maybe in bowling green and bring it to nashville. Chris or Dave, you coming? Anybody going through there on the way down, let me know! I really appreciate it! thanks, Ron "WILDFRED"
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I will be traveling I 65 south to nashville this Friday. Jeff W.
hi! don is in leitchfield, is 30 min. west of i-65 at elizabethtown. is kinda out of your way, but maybe you can meet him in bowling green or something on the way? the b.g. field he flies at is right off i-65 a few mi. from the corvette museum. will p.m. you his phone #, call and see if you guys can work something out. don owns a hobby shop, is worth meeting just for that as he has the DEALS! I will cover the cost of the call and your gas for outa the way at nashville when I see you. I really appreciate your help, I miss that stupid plane...!
If he will meet me in Bowling Green that is fine. I do not have any extra time to go very far off path. Jeff W.
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