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Knuffel Plans

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I have the Kuffel plans but they arent lining up right. Anyone else had this problem?

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Gotta hate when your Knuffle don't line up!

What's a Knuffle?? <jk> I also know who Donald Trump is (inside joke...)

Where's the DL site, link. I'll give it a whirl and see..
i tripped on a shovel and stumped my knuffle, once :D
I think kuffels are the fringe cuffs that Austin Powers has on the ends of his sleeves and pant cuffs. :lol:

He said there are 3 things he's afraid of: Carneys, Nuclear War, and Kuffels. :lol:

Mine lined up pretty well. Did you make sure the print settings mentioned were changed.
I've got to ask ..........Whats a Kuffle? :roll:
You guys ever see the video on RC groups of a German kid 3ding a foamy all over in his little house? That's a knuffel. You have to send an email request over some german website to get a one time download password. I haven't built one yet.....let's have a report.
OH that Knuffle :D i got those plans have not printed yet, sorry :D
i just did mine they worked good you got to do the typical "cut some off the page to make it work" thing :D see
it ends up being 8 pages long took 5 min
i might actualy have to get some 3mm depron and a cd-rom motor now


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tell us more about that plane

its all in german but you can use bablefish to translate, check out the video of him flying around in his house, its just a unique looking design for small cd-rom size motors

Ulf don't need Babelfish to read German :D
right i forgot :oops:
ChuckAuger said:
Ulf don't need Babelfish to read German :D
yep no Babelfish necessary here :p
Nice videos of the Knuffle btw. I liek the way he flies it with one hand and how he dorks it and just keeps flying.
liked these videos the best :
mine flied up fince make sure when you printed you dindlt have it set to fit to the page or w.e. i made mine a profile no shocky fuse saved a little weight flew awesome!


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did you see the flying Cock and Balls, it would suck getting violated by that plane :oops:
I just maidened my Knuffel :D . It flys really well, as far as I can tell. The damn wind must have known I had just finished it. I will have a better flight report tomorow after I get some indoor flying in.
hehe i flew mine indoors on the maiden :p
Same here, but just a quick hover in the living room.
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