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Knife-edges for beginners.

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I've just started trying to knife-edge my omp 540 Edge.

Anyway, when I put it on its side and apply rudder, it couples. I thought it wasn't going to do this. I think use elevator to fix it...but I thought I wasn't going to have to do that. Am I rolling to far on the side?

I guess I'm doing something wrong...whats the trick?
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I've never had a plane come off the boards that had no coupling. If it's just elevator, you're in luck. As a general rule, if it's pitching to the canopy, move your CG back. If it's pitching to the belly, move your CG forward. The difference between an okay plane and one you feel is perfect is all in the set-up, from CG & lateral balance, to prop selection, to thrust alignment, to incidence, to rates & mixes. You can spend some time tweaking, but it can also make a huge difference in how well the plane flys.
I agree with Randy, very few are the planes that have "no" couple. But there are good and then there are GREAT!!!! We can 1. Mix it out 2. fly it out 3. buy news planes until you find a zero coupler, and send the others to me.

If it's just a little, fly it. Try the CG, and you may try the ailerons up or down. but whatever you do it will affect everything else so go slow.
ive flown one of those and it KE'ed great! my omp 65" yak54 KE's great also, i think that randy is on the right track you cg is off kilter,
when you are at 1/2 thottle roll inverted and see what happens when strait and level,
if it dives inverted hands off your nose heavy, if it climbs its tail heavy, if it mantains level flight your set, and that's great for 3d and KE, most circle jerks will disagree, so dont listen to them :D
but even after this your very lucky to get a plane with no coupleing, you would have to build it really close to perfect which is hard to do.
good luck
My Omp edge 540 knife edges very well. You may also check, and make sure your ailerons are perfectly centered when they are at nuetral. Not that they are slightly up, or down acting like flaps or spoilers. The only two profiles I have seen that KE better are the sledge, and the OMP 60 size yak. Both of them do it very sweet. Knife edge is just like any other manuver it just takes practice. I will tell you this if you drag a wingtip in a KE on the omp, and it starts to tumble on the ground expect to be putting the fuse back together! :D

Oh I forgot one, the EF edge knife edge very well too!
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