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Kirkman relax'n

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Here is a picture of Kirkman relaxing with his new 4D Rosnet. I helped draw out the templates, and he put it together. It looks good , but I havn't got to fly it yet. Tom


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Lemme get this straight...........
You designed the plane, and made templates for it.... Kewl :D

But you haven't been "allowed" to fly it yet? what a deal!!! :shock:
Here is some more pics.


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kirkman makes me sick :) Nobody learns to fly that good that fast
Horizon is going to carry the Tensor soon. It's supposed to be bad azz. Will definitley get me one. ... ID=EFL2100
hey Kirk or Tom, Do you have some plans for that tensor. Ive got enough 6mm depron to do one
Tom, you are right. Kirk is getting better quick. He is willing, or at least he does take more chances with his airplanes than I would. I don't have that much time to build or repair. As far as plans go we don't have any plans, all we have are templates. It is mostly made from 3mil, but the next will have a 6mil fuse. This is not a Tensor :wink: . It is a Rosnet, but looks much like a Tensor from all the reverse engineering :D . Tom
The only reason that other recliner was empty, was someone (Tom B.)couldn't get out of the house to fly... I think we need to add a whipped smiley :D
He looks slightly constipated..... :D
Wow thats a nice tensor!!!!
I'm tellin' mom...Kirks flyin' in the house again...
YAY! If Horizon is going to sell it I will be able to get it in South Africa! Better start saving for another foamy :lol:
The real reason I wasn't in the other chair, is because Kirkman said he was going to bring it to my place to fly. So I was home waiting like a good boy. Now I think that is kind of mean :cry: to tell me he's coming to fly, and then stay home and keep it all to himself. Tom
I sent a PM to the guy on RCGroups that's doing the Sorta Tensor (Stringfly??), haven't got any plans yet AFAIK.
I'd like to see how good he really is, turn the celing fan on high :twisted:

But the plane sure looks like a winner :)
rcairnut said:
I'd like to see how good he really is, turn the celing fan on high :twisted:

But the plane sure looks like a winner :)
If you turned the fan on the plane would be swinging around the room. :shock: Just kidding! :D
A friend of mine here has the Stringfly Tensor. Real cool plane.
I have Stringfly Tensor plans! Got 'em at lunch.
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