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Katana 70 ARF

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OK, It's been killing me keeping this quite, and I know it's been killing Gordo because he has had his longer then me.

Name: Katana GS 70
Span: 59 inches
Length: 58 inches
Weight: 5.5 lbs with a Saito .91
Wing area: 915 sq inches

We just got done testing the prototypes and they are starting production now. We'll have more information of shipping date soon. This is finally a 60 size plane that you could 3D on with a strong .61 2 stroke. I started with an APC 14x4 on my Saito .91, but switched to a Zinger Pro 14x4. With the lite weight of the plane, I found myself on the throttle stick a lot trying to find the sweet spot for hovering. Moving the the Zinger worked out that issue.

The hovers are fantastic. I find them even easier than the 40 size. Gordo got some engine mouting issues worked out and now he is getting rock solid harriers. KE is fantastic. I think in a little more time flying I will be able to drag the HStab in a KE pass.

It has a new way to do the removeable wing. Instead of a 2 piece wing, the wing is a single unit mounted in a cartridge that bolts into the bottom of the fuse. It is very strong and works like a charm.

Here's some pics. I'll let Gordo and Alex jump in and give some more info. I'll post more later, but I wanted to get some pics up.


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Here's a pic of the wing mount


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Oh, one more BIG thing...It's covered in Ultracote, not the cheap wrinkly stuff.
That wing mount is genius! :shock:
and with :shock: ultracote! looking forward to the video
Oh, how do you have the servos mounted/ wired with that mount?
The mount has a slot in the top that matches a slot in the wing. The servo wires run in a tunnel from the tail and they are adding a tunnel to the throttle servo. Have short leads from thge receiver come out the hole and plug them into the servo leads in the fuse. Tuck them up in the hole and put in the 2 screws that hole the wing on.

Very slick, and very strong. Gordo and I were a little worried about it, but I planted mine a few times in that dirt field and he planted his a few times. It holds up well. I put it through some violent blenders the past few days and see no twist or flexing.
SO this was Gordos big trip to the KC area?? That little dog!
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Yeah, we were supposed to share notes, etc, but I just couldn't swing the trip.
Yeah, Its pretty cool to fly..I really enjoyed the stick time I had on Gordos, With the Saito 91 It had plenty of power KE was great tons of rudder. Like I said it is a Great flying plane,,, 8) 8) 8)
Hey, I'm not a little dog!!! I'm a BIG DOG!!!! Well, that's my story anyway!

I am in love with this plane!! I've had a Saito 1.00 and the .91 on it, and now I'm heading towards a K&B .61 just for a triel. My weight was 5# 11oz with the 1.00 and an 1800MaH Battery.

The coolest thing about this plane is that it flies BIG!! When you add a little bit to the wingspan of a plane, you really expect a linear increase in the cool factor. But this delivers WAY more than 10 inches more wingspan should!! It is just SOO cool.

For those of you who are digging the inverted harrier, or even trying to learn like me, you'll love this plane. I can do way better with this than anything I ever flew. Awsome inverted elevator. One of my favorite moves to watch big planes do is the 3/4 waterfall into an inverted elevator. I've NEVER been able to even come close, until now!! :lol:

Of course it hovers and TRs, very very easy!!! Tonight was my first time out with zero wind and I'm telling you, this thing found it's sweet spot and went around and around!!


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Okay, Price range and where do I order???

Details when you are able please sir! :D :D :D :D
What do you want to know man, that we haven't bragged on already!!

One thing I really like in dealing with this company is they are totally open to input. They were very willing to make changes that we can show should be done. I really was impressed with the quality of this model. Not just that it looked good, which it does, but it was really built well. The parts fit SOOOOOO well. As Spastic said, I think the wing mount is ingenious. It comes and goes in 5 minutes tops. And seems strong as can be.

And if have a bigger vehicle, you don't have to disassemble it. I can get it in my wifes station wagon at a 45 degree angle. And in my van with no effort.

I think this will be a great addition to our ProBro lineup. You guys will really like it.
You guys will be getting more details later tonight or tomorrow on projected pricing, etc. As you can see, it comes in white or yellow. Gordo had the white one and I had the yellow.

YS 1.10. Hmm, should be OK. I've never flown that motor, but let me say I felt the APC 14x4 was too much prop, even on the Saito .91. I moved "down" to a Zinger Pro 14x4. The motor handled the APC fine, but I felt it was too much thrust. The plane flies so lite that I was having a hard time finding the sweet spot in a hover with the APC. It just made too much thrust.

TR's are almost effortless and KE's require very little hands-on. I did one sweet KE loop today.
I can get it in my wifes station wagon
You still have a station wagon?!?!? :roll: :lol: :wink:
Oh man...Im thinking Im looking at my next plane. :shock:
You guys make me wanna puke! :shock:

Damn, now I'm suffering a relapse of 'Kat Scratch Fever'.
Dadgummit, guys, are you trying to ruin my marriage or what?!?! Just when I finally think I got the plane I wanted to last for a while, somebody ups and does something like this. I just got the OMP Katana kit, thne Paul comes out with the Mojo, and now this.

I need a second job so I can pay for all this stuff.....
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