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Kansas City Bros....

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I know we have several around the KC area, just wondering if any would like to have a few guys meet up at their field before the weather get's really bad. Me and Quicker may (it's just in the infant stage of thought) want to meet up and compare some stuff, and I thought KC would be a good middle ground. Any takers?
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I need to go back and see the new field and get some good BBQ (the texas BBQ sux bad). When were you considering it? It gets really cold up there after november.
Now you have done it.
:roll: :? :shock: :D :twisted:
Let the BBQ Gods smite away! Looks like i'm gonna be one hungry bro in Tulsa next year. :(

Dad made your recipie of rib rub week before last. Kicked ass. You need to come to Dallas and show the restaurants how to do it! :tu: I've been having Arthur Bryant's withdrawls for the past 7 years.
I'd be interested in going to a KC ProBro.
I'm open after the Oct 16th weekend. I have cub scout stuff that weekend. I might get 2 more Omaha Bros to come too.
Would love to come down, fly quickers planes and actually meet Gordo and some others.

Two business trips on either side of it though.

This job is really getting in the way of my flying. :roll:

OK damn it, where are the KC Bros? I know we have at least 2, I even know ones name, I didn't think I'd have to freaking BEG!!!!! :lol:
I'm going to a fun fly in Columbia MO on Saturday 10/23. Other than that, I don't have any plans.
I'm watching this thread from out of state / away from home, and unable to suck up to the field patriarch right now. Jeff Schneider lives near KCMO. He may be able to help. Are U there Jeff??????????

John, we're not looking for a full blown event. Just a place to meet in the middle. No need to close the field, they wouldn't mind 5 or 6 guys showing up would they? :lol: :lol:

When will you be home man?
I think it would be great to go down and meet some Bros, but this month might be tough. :( What dates are you guys planning on
Bad news. I just found out I'm unavailable for October also.
I diffently would be interested in a KC Mini Pro Bro. If we aren't welcome :cry: at any of the local fields, they have a Hooters with a big parking lot. Just think some awesome profiles with chicks with big tits, sounds good to me. :lol:

Might leave the wifes and girlfriends home for this. :lol:
I'm guessing if we have the normal weather Nov is too late. Oh well, it was a thought!!
I thought the end of the month was open. I was informed by my wife that she had stuff planned the last 2 weekends :x

I don't know about the rest of you guys, but it seems like I have to plan my life (mostly weekends) almost 4 months in advance anymore.
I am new to this whole 3D probro thing. Trying to keep up with McDDD is not an easy task, TRUST ME! He rocks! :lol:

If McDDD 8) attends the KC event, this "want to be" will also come up.

KC has the best BBQ in the USA. Meet new friends, Fly RC and eat KC BBQ, How can we go wrong. Please plan this on a Saturday.

So if the Texans want to learn what BBQ is all about they should come on up to KC. Well, if thay can stand what they would call cold weather :lol:

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