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jwilliams e-sledge

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Everyone needs one of these! I've flown 5 different 3D foamies and this is the best yet! I let some of the 40% guys fly it and they were foaming at the mouth. One said, "Do a terminator." I said, "What's that?" He said, "Head straight for the ground and yank it into a hover at the last second." I said, "Okay." I pulled out a few feet to spare and everyone hooted and hollered. As each one flew after about 30 seconds they'd say, "I gotta have one of these!"


Bottom: ... bro/bottom

Battery held with rubber bands: ... ro/battery

Back side: ... /otherside
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Where did you get the plans for one and do they cost anything? I have wanted one, but I don't know all that much about where to get plans and such. Thanks
If it's the e-sledge from Jeff Williams (JWilliams, not Chuck),

Give him a shout (email).

He's the one who can set you up.
What latch66 said. A great site for free plans and informative also.
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