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Just got booted from RCU

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They just booted me for saying BITCHEN. Those ****
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Welcome to my world.

You sent me a PM and I cannot retrieve it. Just a note to all Pro-Bro's, never use the PM function in RCU. Use the email button instead. Many of us get kicked off RCU for being who we are. You cannot retrieve PM's once you are. You can retrieve the emails however.

Hey D. Alex told me about that. It let me back on this morning, but I dont know if I want to go back. I guess they have some thing in there where when they have to censor you, it wont let you post for a few.

Yeh, I once said in a post that something or other flew like a pussycat. It appeared like this - *****cat - so I guess they have some sort of auto filter that edits out "swear" words. :roll:
Do you mean permanently banned for "BITCHIN", or just a few days off?

Either way, maybe they need to look at context. Did you say some plane was bitchin, or did you tell somebody to shut their fuckin' mouth and stop their pussy ass bitchin?

For the second one, I can see them getting upset... :?
It only lasted for a while where it seemed like my posts went to a live moderator or something, cause I would post and it would'nt take I cut and pasted what I said, here it is.

I have to agree wholeheartedly, next time I will buy the servos first. Then, I wont have to look at a ****en plane and hold it by the wingtip while spinning around in circles making buzzing noises. Gosh, this sucks.

Pretty lame huh?

I was talking about my burrito sitting in the shop with no guts to put in it.
Yep, pretty lame. I'd think a PM or e-mail warning about verbage would be good. I guess the Mods are a little hyper for some reason.

Oh well, at least you have here...
TailTwister said:
Oh well, at least you have here...
Yep, we acn say what we think here. Just watch for those "problem" pics, they can get you in trouble!! :lol:
I think now that the forums are locked, nobody cares anymore about what kind of pics, or what they suggest.
Blame Janet Jackson....I think her titties on the SuperBowl are probably the root cause.
I still have one issue left on this board. It especailly rang true at Toledo. There seem to be quite a few teenagers (11 to 15) that thing the Pro Bros are cool. I want a board where we can say and do anthing but I'm not sure how to handle the potential kid that wanders in here. I don't care if we say fuck or have pics of good looking sisters. I'm just not sure how to filter it for a kid. I'm still in the air on hwo to handle it.
I respect that Billy. Some of the stuff we post does'nt need to be seen by young eyes, but provides soo much entertainment for the adults. This place is great.

I got repremanded once on RCU for saying the glue that comes with the GWS planes is "crap." I didn't say it was "shit" or it "Didn't fuckin' cure" I just said it was "crap" and someone got all bent out of shape.

BillyHell said:
I'm just not sure how to filter it for a kid. I'm still in the air on hwo to handle it.
I think there is something you can put in the meta content of the web page that will allow adult filtering software to pick it up and make it off-limits....assuming the filtering content is installed on the kids computer....and that is an adult responsibility.

My kids are too small to use the computer still but now when I go check my mail, I lock the door because I never know if a big penis or woman with a frosted face is going to suddenly pop up on my email viewing screen and me try and explain what it was.

I'll be looking for this software shortly.
3d-aholic said:
BillyHell said:
I'm just not sure how to filter it for a kid. I'm still in the air on hwo to handle it.
My kids are too small to use the computer still
I'll be looking for this software shortly.
Careful man. I thought that too. My 8 year olds figured it all out on their own. They were allowed to play a couple of educational games, next thing I know they are surfing Nic-online and! We DIDN'T teach them!! They just picked it up, I guess watching us and on the TV. I asked how they did it, my son says "You just click the "e" and then type in the words"

I keep our only Computer in the living room for all to see. I figure better open and honest. But then I haven't had anything pop up that I didn't open. (watch out for links from Chuck auger!! :? )
Hey Billy,
The young kids today know a lot more today then ever.
Heck,the first time I saw a furry red headed bush was when I was 11 years old and she was 17. (that was 48 years ago)
Talk about a thrill.!!!
It didn't hurt me. I still love that Pussy.

But,I understand what you are saying. It is a problem.

3d-aholic has a good idea if itll work. that way its up to the parents. im a parent and if my 11 year old sees something on my computer that she shouldnt i dont blame anyone but myself. there are plenty of filters that are available for parents.

btw im new and i enjoy the lack of mother goose anylizing everything i say. i feel i can actually be myself. thanks billy and everyone else that makes this site possible.
I think I posted this to another thread but I checked into this further and it seems to only available content filter someone can really use is at the web server level and it seems to be for the whole site.
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