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Just can't help myself!!!!!

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I went over to RCyUck and bumped up the Ode to Billy Hell thread. Why should we let it completey die???? There are already people over there complaining that they are going to have to go to two different websites now! If we all keep bumping it up, then the people on RCU will know that we're still around. I didn't say anything negative, just said that we couldn't let this one die. It's also going to be a slight jab at RCU to know that we're keeping it in their face. What do you guys think? Don't you think it's worth keeping it up? This is basically our history and family tree!
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You rock dude, I saw it and LMAO totally!!!!
right with ya Razorback just added mr .02 on the RCbloU me forum :evil:
Too bad the *** closed it
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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