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JR's new 9 channel xp9303

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At $500 its still twice the price of a 9c but that thing looks awsome. 30 model memory, and it looks like the throttle trim is mechanical. The sexiest radio I've seen yet. Cant they drop their prices a little for me???


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After years of drooling I finally broke down an bought an 8103, now they bring out this one :(
I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels the throttle trim should be mechanical. Too bad Futaba didn't have that revelation. At that price, this radio ought to do a lot more than the 9C. But the only thing I know the 9C can't do is fly the plane while you take a break.
It's finally out??? who hooooo! I knew they had one coming, I guess I will go and check the horizon site for info. Looks cool though, but I to would like to see it at least 100 cheaper! But as constrictor said you get what you pay for.
It has flight modes! Yeah! That is a feature I have always wanted. I too like Gordo like the idea of manual trims for the throttle.

I have been flying the 8103 for sevral years now and really like it. I also bought the new 6102 when it came out, and love it for profiles, and foamies. But this radio looks like the last radio I would ever have to buy!
I have to agree. Sexiest radio ever!! Even more than the Futaba 9Z!!!

For upgrading my 6XAs I was thinking about a 9C for next year's Christmas (already preparing my parents for the price :wink: :wink: ). But this radio got my mind tipping to JR side. Just by lokking at it's picture I "felt the difference". :lol: :lol:

Anyway, things here in Brazil take at least 6 months to be available after they are released in the US, so until next year's (2005) Christmas, there will be plenty of time for it to be released here. And them onto convincing my parents that I need a new radio (until there, my 6XAs will be almost 5 years old).

Now I'm drooling.... Why did you have to post that?? I'd be better if I didn't know that radio existed. :cry:
Just the transmitter is 439.99 They will be cheaper once they get some out the door. I bought my 6102 on ebay brand new from a guy who owned a hobby shop for quite a bit less than horizon wanted for one. And since it was a hobby shop, my warrenty was still good.
They are due out late September. I guess I better start saving cause I have got to have one of these. I think the only thing they forgot was a beer holster. That way you could just hook up your feul pump and enjoy.
I say we have a pro bro review one of these. No here is where it gets sticky. Since I thought of it first I get to pick who reviews, and ultimatley gets to keep it.

lets see here who would be good at this??? Constrictor? No, Gator? Nah, Gordo?? Not a chance in hell!

Oh I got it. ME! I would be perfect for the job! :D

How you like dem apple??? :lol:
Constrictor said:
Hey Crashthat, does that radio have a mid-air avoidance mode? The way you mid air you wont have any planes to test on it :lol:
This coming from the man nicknamed the 'Typhoid Mary' of mid-airs? Damn, first flight in Cookeville, POW! The snake takes out WildFred!
Is it just me or does this thing look to be about the same as a 9Z at about half the price?
I've been waiting on this radio for almost a year now!!! I played with a friends 9X about December and knew right away this was the radio for me.

After reading the specs on this thing, it turns out they've improved it from the 9X! Looks like it was worth the wait.

Anyone wanna buy a excellent condition 8103???
With the price of most all elecontronics going down in price one would think this piece of plastic with some technology of the 50's still being used, JR would at least try to compete with Futaba's sucess of a great product and reasonable priceing. But alass this is not to be, as it is the same o'l stickem in the ass with a couple more do dads and raise the price mentallity. Sorry JR you will not get my hard earned pesos, you have to better that this. JMO
Good to see Horizon finally list them on their website however everyone they list is out of stock. I highly doubt this is because they have sold them all... it's more because they haven't even got them yet.

If you want one right now you can order them from: ... _pcm9x.htm

I've had the chance to play with one and they are sweet. I plan to sell my 9C this winter and buy one myself.
The PCM 9X supplied by Modelflight has a few differences to your 9303 arriving in the States.
I have the PCM 9X and it is a very good radio.

The 9303 has a 30 model memory, the 9X has 20.
The 9303 does SPCM/PPM modulation.
The 9X does SPCM/ZPCM/PPM modulation.

There are also various switch layouts and maybe other differences as well.
I was starting to save my money for a 9C, but now that ive seen this, im starting to think twice. Ive always used Futaba for my planes and Airtronics when I was doing cars. Maybe ill try a JR...
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