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JR XP9303

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Got my new 9303 last night!!!!! Let me tell you it is the SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rockoncool:
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Cool, let us know what you think of it once you get to play with it some more. I need one too!
Jealous here too.
Im gonna have to wait for a little to get mine. So in the mean time, how about a review and some pics. On the other hand, if its as good as it looks, Ill just end up spending $ I dont have. Damn you.
Let me start this by saying that I am no writer, but I will do the best I can!

Well I flew with it yesterday, I would have to say thet is is a very easy to use radio. If you have flown any else but a JR, I think you will find that it feels very comfortable in your hands, of course it has fully adjustable gimbals. Switches are assignable, ahd there are two rheostat type finger switches, one on each side, like a 10x has. I think for flaps or anything else you might want to adjust via a rheostat, this is a lot more convienant than reaching to the face of the radio.

Three flight modes heli, acro,and glider, however the instruction book that came with mine only had acro instruction. This is the easiest radio that I have ever programed, I programed all 8 of my planes in about 1 1/2 hrs, that includes interuptions, I did it at the hobbie store I work on the weekends, all I had to do is trandfer the values from my 8103 and it went perfectly. I think JR shoud have hade it easier if they made the programing transferable from the other computer radios to this one, but I guess we can't have everything.

The screen is as big as the 10x, but it does not feature a touch screen. As far as I can tell, not owning a 10x, the software is very similar, and for $500.00 less I can do without the touch screen. Only 4 buttons and a wheel, navigate you through the programing. The thing I like the best are the menus, no guessing where you are and what screen is next. You can jump from place to place. It is nice not having to scroll through all the screens to get to the one you want.

I will post some picts tonight when I get off work. If there are any specific questions you have about this radio just let me know and I will do my best to answer them.
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And I just bought a 8103 :evil: Oh well maybe by the time I can afford one they will have come down a little.
dhooks don't fear too much the 8103 is a really kewl set. I had one before I got my 9X end of last year. I have to admit that between the two of them there is not that much different and I wouldn't mind having either. Ok I do not know about the 9303 as we will only get it in a couple of weeks or so. As I understand not much has changed since the 9X.

Only goodies that were added that I like is obviously the scroll wheel. It speeds things up alot. The servo speed feature are nice for flaps etc. I also like the 3 flight mode thing. It makes flying easier for me because I only have one switch to flip if I want to do dual rates on elev, ail and rud. I can also jump between spoileron and nothing with the same switch. That helps. The twin engine features are pretty awesome I've heard but i've never used them. O and I like all the mixes that are available. I like playing with that stuff with the gliders and I use em alot with my comp fun fly. Other than that you can assighn switches to functions there is not much you're missing out on. :lol:
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I know other the the flight modes I dont think Im missing out to much. Its just nice to have the latest an the greatest. I really dont need the extra channel or the mixing so its all good. You can slave channels on an 8103 to themselves at a percentage then assign them all to a single switch and kind of get a flight mode out of it.
I think I just talked the wife into getting me one for Christmas. :D

I won't be needing it before then anyway!
I have had this radio for a couple of weeks. I have an 8103 and a Futaba 9C, as well.

I easily set up the Flaperons wing type and used the Mate function to mix Elev and Aux3 for the Elevator halves.

Is there a way to also mix the Ailerons and Elevators so that the Elevator halves move with the Ailerons (Futaba makes this easy with the Ailevator function)?

I like this radio, but the manual is not well written
Just call Horizon tech help they are very helpfull
sudokhoi kid said:
Just call Horizon tech help they are very helpfull
yeah, they will send you a instruction via email too.
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