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jr on 6 volt

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dos 6 volts help jr servos or will it hurt them
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Like scole said, it helps them. Supposedly it makes the motor wear out faster, but it's actually easier on it. It makes it so the motor doesn't have to "work as hard" to move the control surface.
ok cool were can i find the specs for the 8231 and 8411's on 6 volts
I'd go with a 8611 instead of an 8411. Same price, better servo..... Just my $.02 though....

Here's the JR 8611: ... D=JRPS8611

Here's the 8411: ... D=JRPS8411

Here's the 8231: ... D=JRPS8231
it shows the 8611 a little bigger than the 8411 will it fit the cutouts with a little covering ironed around the edges. i think i can still get the 8411's and 8611's for 90 apiece
This is a question I am worried about as well. That's why I have decided against it. If you look at the servo spec sheets of JR stuff they never list a spec on 6V. I am not quite sure if the servos can actually handle it. I heard though that some of the servos can take it. Dunno.
I promise those 8611 and 8411's can take 6 volts. I know many people that are running both of those servos on 7.2 volt Lithium batteries that have been regulated down to 6-6.4 volts. The only problem some people encounter is that the 8411 will twitch slightly, but as soon as a load is placed on it, the twitch goes away.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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