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Ivan was hell

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just today back online after Ivan. Power out for week. water and tv still out. my home and office came out with minuninm damage. My brothers house had 6" of water inside. His nieghborhood is bad with 80% of the homes a total loss. most had 4' of water and waves. Pensacola beach is realy bad, most of you have probably seen more than me as we have had no tv. I-10 closed so the small hwy in front of my office is now backed up for miles.
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Man, I was worried about you over there. As bad as it was over here in Okaloosa Co., I know it was MUCH worse where you are. Glad to hear you came out OK. We just got back from visiting the parents in Atmore and it was incredibly bad up there, too. My mom finally got power back on Saturday, but when it came up, it blew out her AC, dryer, and oven. So, she's still having to sit out on the porch every day. They say her cable may not be back up for 6 months.
I feel for you guys .....we had a buttload of damage just from the rain I hate to think what the hurricane would have added to it.
take a look at the photos from Ivan. the News Journal has great photo gallery. ... ries.shtml

I am not sure that link will woork but it is
I can tell you that looking at the pics does not compare with just looking around in your own neighbor hood or going for a short drive. 2 weeks later and it still looks like a war zone. Glad to hear that you all made it through o.k.
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