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Is this possible?

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I have (3 packs) 2 cell 700 , and i would like to make two of them 3 cell with the 2 cells i have left of the third pack. In other words i would like to make my 2 cell 700 battery 3 cell 700 with the 2 cells i have left of a pack.

hope you understand my question.

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You can do it if you are real confident with your soldering abilities. The tabs in Lipos are aluminum. Some have nickle spots attached to the aluminum, some don't. If they do, you can solder to them, if they don't, you need special aluminum solder. Also, you can't get the tab too hot or it will melt the seal where the tab goes through the pouch, ruining the cell.

Since your cells have already been made into packs, you may be able to splice onto the wires that have already been attached to the lipo's tabs, using regular solder. You need to use a heat sink to insure you don't melt the aluminum solder attaching the wire to the tab.

So it can be done, but unless you are prepared to scrap the entire lot if you fail, I'd just buy pre-assembled packs.
Thanks Chuck!!!! I will see if someone can do it for me : I dont want to ruin my packs :lol:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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