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Iowa ProBro 2022

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Looks like July 8, 9 and 10.

Sound off if this works for everyone.
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Just put in my time off request. :tu:
The dates don't really matter. I'll be there.
Have pickle, will travel.
Prowler and I can bring the pickle in, so we can all pickle out! :drink:
count me in :drink: :drunk: :drink: :drunk: :drink: :drunk:
:rockon: :rockon: :rockon: :tu:
I'm in!
Truck will be loaded down with Spotted Cow and Belgian Red!!!!
The better of the 2 needs to be there so I'm in. :drink:
Are we still on for July 8,9 and 10? Those dates sound good to me, and those correspond with when we typically have it. I will put in for vacation and reserve motel.
Can't wait!!! :) :D (y) :D :D
Looking forward to it.
FYI - I'll have a RTF -RX Zam E GBR foamy (Zam power system) for sale, and maybe some other good stuff..
I received this from the club president a week ago.
“Harry will be hosting another ProBro this year, it will be the weekend after the 4th of July. Jul 6 thru 9.”
Straightup, Ozzy might need to buy a few planes to fly, since he's flying in from sunny AZ ;)
Very good :) Looking forward to seeing (and flying) with everyone!!
A straightup with excitement,pro bro flying does that.
I am ready. Can't wait to see everyone again!! I wonder if Tri-Flyer will show???
Ron and I have had a few text conversations lately - he and Jean are doing well. The snow machine that he built from scratch got 2nd place in the "300 Super Mod" race.
its good to hear Ron and Jean are well.
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its good to hear Ron and Jean are well.
This is indeed great news!
It's also not surprising that Ron was able to build a snow machine from scratch that got 2nd place. He is EXTREMELY talented!
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Are we there yet?
Can't wait!! Looking forward to seeing everyone again!!
I'm thinking of downsizing a bit.. I may have a couple of really cool items for sale.. Stay tuned.. :)
Sound off for sizes and quantities if you want t-shirts.
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