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Indoor Pro-Bro

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OK Bros,

Let's make this happen this winter. Surely, there's one in over a thousand Bros that knows someone, who knows someone, who might know someone that can get us access to a suitable venue.

College/City arenas, blimp/large hangers, even a good size high school gym.

If we found a venue, how much would you be willing to pay as a landing fee to cover light/heat expenses? $20?, $50?, ????
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Dave Sloan (I think?) held an indoor ProBro in Anderson IN early this year. I believe he is planning on doing it again! :D My advice is to bring every plane, spare part, and repair tool you can get your hands on. :lol:

You damn well know I'll be there! And now Constrictor since you have such a smart mouth consider your planes "marked"! :twisted:

Indoor = Lots a FUN!!!!!!
The Astrodome in Houston is empty :shock: :wink:
After the fun Gordo, Swany, Rzrback and I had at the SMALL indoor event this summer, I would love to have a true ProBro indoor. Cuz its so warm here in Mempho, we don't have many indoor type facilities (no golf/soccer domes, etc) so if you northern boys put one on, make it close enough that us southerners can make it up there. (Southern Indiana, Kentucky, St.Louis, etc)
I'd love to do an indoor event this winter..... I don't think $25 is too much to ask.... Anymore would be pushing it.. but do what you can.....

There are sooo many gyms around I can't believe we haven't been able to make this work yet....
I put on indoor fun flys every month or so, my first one is on November 7th, the only drawback, for you guys is that it is in Stockton California. However if anyone wants to make the journy, just give me a call 866 286 9339 and I can get you the information.

Why is it whenevery I try to attach something it never work!!!! Please help
Hey Jeremy, Paul....How about the Desoto Civic Center? Can't be too much to get in there!!!
capthis said:
You damn well know I'll be there! And now Constrictor since you have such a smart mouth consider your planes "marked"! :twisted:

Indoor = Lots a FUN!!!!!!
Damn, the battle of the titans! :D
I think someone checked out the Desoto civic center... Was big cash..... But go ahead and see what they got....
Not to TooT my horn.... OK, I'm tooting my horn.

Last March......... I held an Indoor electric event in Seattle in a 90,000 sq ft hanger. We had 2 flight lines going. and yes, we had lots of 3D flying going on. This time I got a 4 page spread in "Quiet Flyer" in May, or so.

And yes, there will be another one. However, in keeping with this thread
we charged each pilot $10.00
each vendor was charged $350.00

The days rent for the hangar was $1400.00

My event will be in a different thread, once I get the details firmed up.

Good Luck Guys with your Indoor event. It's a lotta work to set up.

To comment about Gym's and the like............. Unless you are a 3D flyer, it ain't gonna work. Not enough room for circle flyers..... unless you don't need their money.
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Constrictor, where oh where did you get that pic???? :roll:

You didn't go over the the other site did you?? :shock:
Hey Match have you thought abot the Cook Convention Center thay have a freaking huge couple of rooms dunno about the cost tho also the civic center can be had for around 1000 for a night!
right now it looks very promising for an indoor pro bro in the Lousiville, kY area. I am very close to ascertaining a nice size college gym. It will be March before I can do it due to their scheduling, so maybe it will be an end of the year thing. I also do not want it to be too close to Houston, but I do not have much choice on the dates it appears. Jeff Williams
Juts out of curiosity, why don't you want it close to Houston? Is it because of the upcoming thing at Space City?
I wouldn't worry too much about an indoor event conflicting with a regular ProBro. I'd drive to Louisville for a ProBro, but not to fly in a gym. My $.02.

But if Ulf could hook us up in the AstroDome 8)
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