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In cleveland OH wed 9-15-2004

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Anybros there i could fly with?

I'll be in cleveland all week mon-fri for work but i have the 15th off all day, and may have some time in the late afternoon the rest of the week.

i plane in bringing my electric profile..

i'll be staying at the holiday inn express in brookpark, but am willing to travel about 1hour away, how far are the OMP dudes?
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If there are no Pro Bro's in Cleveland then Cleveland Sucks!
i used to like it.... :D
come on... anybody.. :cry:
If you were coming to Cincinnati you'd be in luck. Or even Dayton......but Cleveland. But I think that Cleveland is a little further than an hour from Cincinnati. But if you wanna make that drive let me know and I'll come fly with you. We may even be able to get Jon Leyland out too.
You are more than welcome to fly at my home field...... But it's about 2.5 to 3 hours south. I'm 45 min south of Columbus on I71.
Thanks guys but...
Cincinnati is 3.5 hours away from Cleveland, i would go an hour but 3 is a big much... thanks anyway, anybody else????
Sorry dude, I'm in Toledo, about 2 hours away, but can't get the day off.
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