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Imported OMP Katana P ARF

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OK, got'er done and flown, here's the scoop.

First off, the disclaimer. I'm no Chip Schulman-zini LaRue, but I fly OK. Today(7/3/04), I had off and on rain, and wind in the 12 to 15 mph range. I actually spent time in my truck, between flights, waiting for the rain to stop and let me to fly. I got in eight flights on the Katana ARF. Mother nature wasn't going to stop me today!

I'll compare the ARF to planes I think are top notch. I simply love the Mini 3D, Jeff Williams Sledge, and EF (Chris Hinson) Edge.

General flying is as good as anything on the market. If you just want to fly circles with the occasional "stunt", the Katana ARF is perfect. :roll:

Now on to the real stuff.

Hovering. The Kat ARF is real solid. I can't say it's as easy to maintain as the EF Edge, but it's close. Really close... Even though it was brand new, and windy, I was torquing in the 15 to 20 foot high range. For most folks, that's pretty close, but by Pro Bro standards, that's chicken altitude. I'll work it down, I promise.

Harriers. The plane harriers well at my low rate setting. I set the initial low rates at one inch of throw. There was no indication of elevator stall, so I cranked it up and up and up. I puished it until I saw a bit of a wing quiver at full throw and 1/3 power loops. At that setting, the elevator gives a nice shallow harrier. Looking at it, I think it's about 30+ degrees of throw. At 60 degrees, of throw, the wing rocked really bad. Adding a few degrees of spoilerons made it stop. In the 30 to 45ish degree setting, rocking was a non-issue, even with no spoilerons. Yes, less is more. I now know that it does not need 60 degrees of throw for most things. It won't harrier like a Mini 3D, but I like it better than the EF Edge in this maneuver. I still think the Sledge has a slight advantage here too. In less wind, I'd harrier this plane right to landing, no problem. Today, I was a bit more chicken, :shock: uhhhh conservative.

Knife Edge. My plane has a slight pitch to the canopy (both directions) in knife edge. There is zero roll in knife edge. KE loops are easy and look very good. Still, there is nothing that does KE like the EF Edge. The Kat ARF is close, but no cigar.

Walls. A wall is best with minimal 3D throw. At 60 degrees, it was ugly, and at 45ish degrees, it was much cleaner. I struggled with the 60 degree ones, never getting a clean pop up. At the 45ish degree throw, I consistently got a clean 90 degree pop up. Again, less is more here. At 45 or less, I could harrier down to 5 or 6 feet, and still have enough throw left for a clean pull to vertical into a hover without adding much power at all.

Slow flight (not harriers). Well, in the wind I had, it flew backwards. What else can I add. No flapperrons were needed to slow it to zero ground speed, and below.

Landing. With two clicks of power and low rates, I could drag the tailwheel until I started that twisted giggle I have. It's hard to fly and giggle... :twisted:

Waterfalls. I like doing tight waterfalls, but to do them, I liked the 60 degrees of throw, which hindered other maneuvers. After dialing down the thorws, I tried more waterfalls, and missed the 1.5 to 2 per second flips, but that's OK. At the lower setting it still did OK, by most folks standards, and looking at it, it was still a pretty good waterfall, but I would not do it at 10 feet up. With my EF Edge, Sledge, and Mini 3D, 10 foot high waterfalls were OK. Maybe I just need to have the 60 degrees, and a hint more expo. I'll figure it out with time.

I fly the Katana P ARF with a Saito 72 and a 14x4W APC. I fly a standard receiver and Hitec servos. I use HS-545s on the tail, HS-525s on the wing, and an HS-81 on throttle. All hardware is bone stock. Get this... 4 POUNDS 6 OUNCES!

Overall impression. Well, If I had never seen an EF Edge, I'd be so 100% pumped about this plane. Considering how close in price they are ($161 versus $153 counting shipping) it's a tough choice. I am really into harriers now, and I think I like the harrier of the Kat ARF a bit better. I also like KE flight, and the EF Edge is better in that respect. On all other fronts, the planes are pretty well matched. As for appearance, the EF Edge still is better looking IMHO, but the OMP Katana ARF is no slouch either.

I hate these little wheels, and will replace them someday. Any little bumps while in taxi make it want to nose over. I also don't like the recommended CG. I think I'm nose heavy, as quite a push is necessary for inverted flight. My battery and receiver are in the forward hatch area, and can easily move back. I'll move them to create a CG about 1/2 aft of recommended. That should have some impact, but not too much.

So, here are some subjective numbers on a scale of 1 to 10.

Easy to assemble. 10 (instructions suck, but it's easy anyway)

Appearance. 8 I'm adding yellow PRO BRO to the solid blue bottom. If I had never seen an EF Edge this score would be higher

Flying. With the Mini 3D as the favorite and therefore a 10, the Kat ARF is about a 7.5 to 8 right now. When the pitch coupling is dialed out, CG moved, and I get to fly it in less wind, I see my impressions going up a bit. It's still a new bitch for me to break in, and she will only get better as I relax and let her do her thing.

Final number of Satisfaction. I'd say a 8 out of 10 here. Again, that's counting the Mini as a perfect 10.
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great review Frank.
I really have been thinking about getting one, but want to finish my EF Edge first. The Katana looks cool, and would be definitely next on the profile ARF list to buy.
Great review Frank. Thanks for taking the time.
Glad it did good. Stanoo is building the KIT version. We heard there is some well deserved heart burn about the ARF so he got kit. If I like the way his flies I may end up with the kit someday too

rik756 said:
Glad it did good. We heard there is some well deserved heart burn about the ARF
OMP has gone to great lenghts to say they are not the same plane. But out of curiosity, what has been the problem?
Maybe it's just "too close for comfort". I think the mistaken use of Matloks video is a little hard to swallow, even well after the fact.

Now that I''ve slowed mine down a bit, I'm getting a hard left roll in hard pulls (walls or pop-ups). I'm gonna look at the lateral CG more closely. I think it's pulling too hard to be only torque doing it. It cost me some down time, CA, and clear tape this weekend. :?

I let Steener fly mine when he was here this weekend, and I think he liked everything but that hard left pull.
dont pull too hard or itll stall in ahurry. otherwise Incredible plane
Well, I've got the kit version. You can just bring it along at a relaxed cruise speed and pump the high rate elevator. Does a nice wall, no snap. Very smooth. In comparison my OMP Edge walls very abruptly with that big fat wing stopping the plane hard. The katana kit version is just smoother and will even slide straight ahead in the vertical wall position a bit.
I really think mine is out of balance. I'll slap a chunk of lead on the right wing and let you know how it works. When I was flying it faster, it didn't do it, but slow flying into a wall gets you quite a wing drop, always to the left. When I'm ready for it, just a bump of right rudder, as I pull fixes it, but sometimes I miss it.
Like when you dorked it and broke the aileron.

Sorry i couldnt help myself. Ohh and tell em about the wrong way to land a mini 3D.

BTW I called EF and they have minis left but theyre on vacation till the 22nd.
I think he landed the mini quite well :lol: It was a nice spot landing inside the little orange fence square. :lol: :D :lol:
Yeah, the Katana bounces off of the aileron pretty good. A little CA and some clear tape, and she flew again. :wink:

As for the Mini "spot landing", well, I just chose the spot poorly. :oops: Freakin' wind! Maybe it was good that there were so few spectators that morning.

I am amazed it didn't break. I guess I can thank the springy wire gear for that save. Anytime you dork it on the belly hard enough to break the prop, and nothing else breaks, something bailed you out.

I've got to get another Mini, that thing is awesome. Maybe I should try a Taco, do Chucks electric lightening technique, and still put in the 25FX. That would be OK, right?
Hey Twister if you were pushed which would you keep the mini 3d or the katana? Which is the best flying overall an which do you think will last the longest giving the occasional mishap.

I'd set the Katana on fire and watch it burn before I'd let my Mini go. The Mini is way too much fun.

As for the breaking stuff, the Mini is pretty tough for it's weight. Twice I plopped it in, and feared it was nothing but a bag of toothpics. Upon observation, the onlt thing that broke was the prop. Yes, it hit hard enough to break an APC prop, and the airframe was fine. On other flops, I have broken the motor mount and cracked the fuselage.

I wish I could come up with another $100 to get another, as mine will surely run out of luck soon.

Yup, no doubt, I'd keep the Mini, if I could only have one plane.
Tail Twister Add another half in back on the CG its a whole different plane belive me. I managed to crash mine on a stall With a little epoxy though fixed in nooTIme at all. Recovering it now. One thing i found though was a Few of the joints on the Elevator and Vertical Stab had no ca once so ever dropped on em. Found a few of those little suprises and i am recovering as we speak.
Hey guys, Im new around here.

Would you reccomend the Katana as a second profile or what. I really like them but OMP are still yet to realese the new "improved" ARF version, but the Kit is insnley cheap only $113AU!!!!!!!!! Id really love one. Just a question, how do you guys reckon it would perfrom a .52 twostroke. I would get a 70 4/s but they are so damned expensive.

Hey Fly guy. I'll give you some info.

First as you may know, the Kit and ARF katana are very different airplanes. I have not flown the ARF, but I own the kit version. The ARF has more wing area, less taper in the wing and smaller tail surfaces. The Kit has a highly tapered wing with a little less are and a most serious rudder.

The kit is an easy build as the designers (matlok/ Clay McKee) incorporated some of Swany's build techniques. As much as I love mine, I do have to comment that it is a very hot plane. If you have never done any 3D you will have to be very careful with it. I don't mean this in a bad way, it just really reponds, instantly to control inputs. I learned 3D on an OMP Edge which give you a lot more think time when reacting to the plane.

I have Saito 72's on the Katana and the Edge and love them. A good running 52 two stroke would be plenty of juice. Don't look at the OS 70 four stroke, at over 20 ounces weight it's just a chunk of lead on a 4 lb profile. Hell, it actually weighs more than a Saito 91.
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gee that was quick, whats the time over there. Anyway I have never owned and OS engine and proably never will. As you said the 70 is heavier than the Satio 91 and besides, with all my experience with glow engines and never having owned an OS engine but watched blokes who do I ahve pretty mush decided that they are over rated and over priced as far as Im concerned. Hears my list of wondeful engines;

1. TT 10 in my first RC car, 12 years old and, been hammered as most car engines are and only gave up the ghost recenlty

2. Power Force 46BB, my first plane engine, as powerful as the OS 46FX but $60 cheaper, still running after being crashed in December.

3. VMax 52BB, has WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to much power for my Spacewalker but hell do I love it. Im unsure of the OS price of the comparable engine but this engine only cost $170 and is still going well after 6 months, no troubles at all.

4. ASP 46, 5 years old run twice on castor oil, after a quick clean it was away and flying no prblems at all, but has nothing on the Force 46.

Well, mind you that is only 4 engines but I have seen guys with OS that are forever swearing and cursing at them because they wotn run.

And as far as Im concerend just becasue OS are the most popular motor doesnt mean that they are the best and there is always a cheaper alternative, just as good.

thats just IMHO, Fly-guy
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