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Image upload changes

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The image upload now will by default show a thumbnail of the image, which is a link to the full image. This does not change the images loaded up to this point.

The large images are messing up the formating of the pages, making it difficult to see the navigation links. This will also increase the speed of the page loading for those on dial-up connections. To see the full-size image, just click on the thumbnail.

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Thanks, Bro!
test of thumbnails


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l'm having to log in evry time i look at a thread, Why is that?do l have to log on to the RCGroups site?

BTW, great job guys,

ls there chatin going on tonite?
Looks good Quinn! So glad it's back up and running right, I was starting to get the shakes from the withdrawals.
Quicker, is it me, or the upload limits on the pics are larger now?
I bumped them up, but also, the old site had such speed issues, things just timed out no matter what.
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