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I'm hovering the club's RCM Trainer, what a hoot!

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Since I've been too busy to get really stuck into my Burrito kit and I'm waiting for my AFP to arrive, I figured I'd grab the club trainer and see if I could hover it.

Well damn me if it doesn't do a really wobbly hover.

After half an hour's practice I'm able to get it to hang from the prop for about 20 seconds at a time now.

There's a lot of roll coupling with rudder but that long tail moment and a 6-inch pitch prop means the rudder and elevator are surprisingly authoritative when she's hanging on the prop. The only real hassle is that if it gets canted over far enough to need a lot of rudder there's no way you can balance the resulting roll with ailerons and I'm not ready for torque rolls yet :)

What a hoot though -- the few other guys who were out flying today were giving me some really strange looks

I'll try to get some video, it's almost too funny for words watching a high-wing cabin model slowly drifting around the sky on its tail (albeit about 100 feet up -- no tail-touches here :)

But I'm stoked -- tomorrow I get building in earnest and I can't wait to get my profile into the air.

I thought this hovering lark would be a lot harder :)
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Get us a video! I love that out of the norm stuff and the looks we get from it :)
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