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If you don't have a foamy yet, you have to get one.....

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I've been designing and building profiles for quite some time, and trying my hardest to fly them like they oughtta be flown....Unfortunately my 3d skills are taking some time to get there (and the Mempho crew is a pretty high standard to live up to). What I can do, I think I can do pretty well, but the things I can't... well I really can't.

So after putting my current Edgeling straight in the other day, I pulled the gear out and decided to build myself a Himaxx 2015-4100 powered foamy. (Thanks for the help pauly) I like the way my Edgeling flies much better than the foamy, but I am not as worried about destroying the foamy...I specifically built this to teach myself two maneuvers- real torque-rolling (not cheating) and inverted harriers...

Well, after spending the whole day helping family move (instead of being out flying the great air here today here in Mempho), I pulled out my foamy in my in'law's front yard. I ran out 3 batt-packs (12mins each) torquin in the front yard. Not cheater torque rolls, but real 'sweet spot' controlled torque rolls. I can finally do them the way they oughtta be done, and I might even be able to translate that to my glow stuff....

Foamies just plain work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
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Jeremy, you and I are at the same place. It was too windy to work on my TR's so I worked on inverted harriers. Got my first glow inverted tail drag today! I am getting comfortable coming at me, now I need to work on making turns.
I do work on the turns at home with my foamy and AFP (Stano's burrito kicks ass!) now I just have to get them down with my EF edge :D
God luck to you on yours.
I could not agree more !! Those foamy planes are great teachers once you get past the initial investment they are cheap cheap cheap.

I do feel I need to throw in a word of caution. The foamies are so convienient that you will fly them often and get used to them. Then you go back to flying glow and the planes behave differently so allow a flight or to so you can get back into it's flight behavior.

I love all of my foamies :D
a word of caution
this is the Pro Bro forum not a place for the "C" word :D
Will you two ***'s shut up Both Match and Sloan can fly their asses off I wish I could fly that good! Jeeveees gimme a break heh

I agree the foamys are top notch for learning the part that screws me up on TR'ing Glow is the way ya have to hold up elevator to keepem verticle at least my planes seem like they wanna fall out belly in with the same elevator in put dunno screws me up bad but I am getting better with the TR with the foamys Ialso have to plug the little Ultimate that dude balanced right is a TR monster and flys inverted awsome! I have gona threw one already but let me tell ya that a tough little SOB put it together with 5 min epoxys tho the CA make it too brittle the little Ultimate don't knife edge worth a crap but thats OK cause the Chucko Flyer makes up for that and all the rest just not as tough IMHO

Thanks for the Burrito AFP comment man makes me tingly hehe I was proud of it......It still needs a little tweaking but I was getting threatning emails and phone calls had to watch out for the family :shock: :lol:
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Hey Match I´m so sorry about your Edgeling.
This winter I´planing to order af omy to myself and it looks like you reuse your Edgeling equipment to make your foamy. Is really great and I would like to do it but inversely. What equipment should I buy and what foamy should be?
Thanks for your help.
With the foamys and my Mini 3D, I went from hovering at Turf Factor 10 to tail tapping in a single season.

I'm now trying to do clean harriers upright and inverted. When I fly them, I feel like I'm cheating by letting the plane out of the harrier too often. I gotta get the tail down, and make it stay down.

For next season, there will be two foamys and a Burrito to help me harrier better.
Man..... I can't say enough good things about using a foamy to learn new stuff..... That poor beat-to-hell-and-back e sledge of mine taught me to do inverted harriers..... It was one of those things I thought I'd never get... The two weeks with the foamy... busted it up more times that anyone has a right to..... and viola!! got it! I still have fun messing with foamys at work when I need a break.... Some guys take smoke breaks... I take TR breaks!!!

Glad you got do have some fun Jeremy!!!
a foamie was the single best investment i have ever made in R/C as far as improving my flying anyway! The sims are great and I still use them but the foamie is simply the best learning tool around!
TailTwister equation for 3D Progress

Foamy + Front Yard + Fifteen Minutes a Day = 3D Progress

OK, so I'm no damn Chuckastotle. :oops:
You guys are making me pretty happy that I decided to invest in my first foamy...

Shocky is sitting on the bench ready to assemble..

Electric Foamy is the way to go for 3D flying Training. 8)

This is what I suggest as the best way to learn 3D. I didn't follow this path mind you...I'm all over the map...but this is what I would have done if I could look back and do it over again.

or, maybe

Oh, who the hell knows. :lol:
Hey all I was at a fun fly yesterday and a friend of mine was flying a new, to me, foamy called a Monte by Troy Built Models. It seems to be a bunch stiffer than my Tribute and a only 38.50 seems hard to pass up. I am ordering one today, I suggest if you want a kick ass foamy, it is the only one to consider!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rockoncool:
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