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I Need a Good/Great 1.08 to 1.80

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I am looking for a new/like new 1.08 to 1.35 2 stroke, or a really good like new/very strong 1.2 to 1.8 four stroke.
I have very little cash :( (tax time!) I have some stuff to trade;
New in box;
.15 OS LA blue, .46 OS LA Blue, .40 SuperTiger with Econo muffler (only mounted not run).
Like new,
K+B .45 one tank on test stand ran very good.
Mag. 40 low time I think it ran fine, (or I would have not kept it).
Sig Fazer Kit I am sure it is all there.
Morris FFHots kit.

Some or all? what do you Have :?:
Any takers, Lets talk.

[email protected]
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I got the cash I need,
thanks for the e-mails guys,
rcairnut :D
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