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I got to fly a Shock Flyer!

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A freind here has an Edge 540 Shock Flyer with the LiPo and brushless outrunner set up.. He was flying it, and I walked up and said, "You are going to let me fly that, right?" He set it down, and gave me the box. Even in a puff of wind, maybe 5 mph, the plane flew well. It was out of juice, so I set it down, a full elevator vertical landing, and he charged it back up.

The second flight was amazing. It really flew just like in all of the "Bro-fessional" videos I've seen. Except this one flew a lot higher than the others. hmmmm :oops: I torqued it and got a nice laugh from the peanut gallery. KE passes were all but standing still. I could do a two turn spin from about 10 feet high, then pull out with a couple of feet left. I didn't quite have to guts to try the third spin, it's not my plane after all.

What a blast! I gotta get an electric up soon.
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Yep, these are the most fun I've had in a long time. Nothing like flying in your back yard (helps when you have a bean field just behind you, too). Last noght was the first night in a few where where we had no wind, but it was just before dusk, not enough time to get out the glow plane, but plenty of time for the foamy.

Through some burgers on the grill (low heat), and fly through a battery pack, flip the burgers, fly another pack and then eat :D
That sounds like heaven! Did you die?
That sounds like heaven! Did you die?
No, I was out of beer, so it wasn't heaven. Actually, if it was heaven I would have had a gin and tonic on the patio set waiting for me. :lol:
Hey now theres no drinking and flying :lol:

wait its at your house...who gives a damn!!!
I would not recommend tail touching on the grill either...
Yeah thats prolly not a good idea :roll:

although it would be a pretty cool sight to see...shocky dancing in flames!! wouldn't that make for some killer movie footage
although it would be a pretty cool sight to see...shocky dancing in flames!! wouldn't that make for some killer movie footage
Wonder what my 3cell LiPo pack would look like :shock:
who cares about the pack i doubt it would ever bee seen again and i think the whole deck and half the side of the house you were in would be gone!!!
You guys sure are willing to have some fun at my house's expense! :lol:

E - ProBro at Quinn's house!!!!
Dude, I'm the one sayin' not to do it. It's Shane (3Dn'4Life) saying it would be cool. That guy is a bad influence on us...
sorry :twisted:
i will try my hardest to be a better influence on you other bro's!!lol
Shockys are great. They are the only planes I know of that can do a KE loop in a normal sized gym. I stuck a set of tiny floats on mine, and took it to an indoor float fly. Even with the floats, it was easy to KE and TR.
indoor float fly
indoor float fly???? Like where, at a YMCA pool?
It was an indoor pool at a school in Keller TX(Ft Worth). It was the second float fly I attended Saturday. The other was at Weatherford on Cartwright park Lake. I had another e-powered profile on floats there too.
cool. How did you build the floats? I could see making a set from simple white foam from Lowe's or Home Depot. They would be super light.

Can you share a pic?
No one has posted any pics of my SF on floats, even though I saw a few cameras flash while I was flying, but check for pics of my other plane, and for the indoor details.

I used the GWS float kit for the big one and some tiny 13" ones that barely held my shocky up.[/url]
If you guys want to see what a ShockFlyer looks like with a standard setup ($199 RTF with Lipos) just goto Mike made the video, it shows you that you don't need to overkill this plane if you dont want too.

It's top left of the videos.
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