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How's this for a deal?

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I'll start by saying that I love my little profile edge. In fact I credit it with teaching me most of what I do and giving me the enthusiasm over the last couple of years to actually get out and practice my nuts off (and the confidence to do much of this practice below 10 ft). :) It also seems to have earned me a certain place of respect at the field as I'm now being asked routinely to help set up planes for 3D, test fly new birds, and sometimes just to prove to the owner/pilot that his plane will 3D. A few weeks ago I got the opportuninty to have my way with 33% H9 Sukhoi, and although it wouldn't be my first choice for a big bird I was blown away by how nice these big planes do everything and knew right there and then that my life was about to get a whole lot more expensive. :lol:

I don't have room or the finances for a 40% at this point but I've been looking at some of the 28 to 30% planes as an entry into giant scale and gas.

So over the weekend I'm at this airshow and I get talking to this guy who is from another club in the area and he starts telling me about all his scale warbird projects :? and how he needs to free up some room in his basement and do I know anyone interested in buying anything etc. I tell him I don't really have any interest in warbirds but if he has anything aerobatic ....? He says "yeah I've got an Extra 300 kit that I'll never build, why don't you come and have a look?"

Last night I ran out there and sure as shit there are a few rather large boxes sitting in the middle of his shop with some of the the nicest words I've ever seen written on the side. "Carden Aircraft Corporation" :lol:

A mostly complete (missing some balsa) 30% Carden Extra 300s kit for ....drum roll please.... $75 :lol: :lol: :lol:

Now I just have to explain to they wife that I need to buy an $800 engine :lol:

FWIW there will always be a profile (or 4) in my hanger.
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You lucky bastard :D
Sweet! They are like $400 I think new. If you got the cowl, canopy, wing tube/socket, gear and foam pieces, you got it made!

Jess flys the 30% Carden Cap on a 3W 75, sweet rig (and that motor will only set you back $575 I think!)
Hey we have the same name you wanna share that with me?

put a DA 150 in it :shock:
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