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Howdy from R-KIN-SAW

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Hey guys, just registered at the site, some of you already know me, I live in Hot Springs.
I fly giant scale and some profile stuff, if I can keep em' together.
Looking forward to being part of this site.

Paul--aka Redbeard
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Welcome, I don't know you but sooner or later we'll meet..
Most of the crew is up in Nashville this weekend but some of us have other things that must be attended to or were unable to attend for one reason or the other.
As you look around the site you'll find lots of good info, some good natured ribbing and some chunks of sick and twisted humor.
If you have any questions feel free to ask and someone will reply as soon as they read it and have an answer.
Hey Redbeard! Glad to have you aboard! C'mon down to Texarkana and fly with us sometime! We have a couple of Bros there. If nothing else, stop here in Hope and we'll do some flying out at the airport.
DUDE! You guys put on one heck of a show in Hot Springs with all the big birds this year!!!! Can't wait for the next one. Your site would be a good one for a Pro Bro event too. With all the hotels available, it's perfect.

I hope to get to see your shop in the very near future. Might even need a new tat while I'm down there. Or maybe not. :shock:

Welcome abord oh colorfull one. The Bros welcome you.
Tanks guys, I was just thinkin' bout a ProBro show here, it would be bitchin', you guys tear it up.
2fast4u, you are always welcome down herea'-- shop or the field

razorbck58, if I can squeeze out some time it would be fun, I tried to make your last show but it was during the HOG rally and the tattoo shop was smokin' , make dat dough while the gettin's good if you know what I mean, thay spend big dollars on tats.

See Ya
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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