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I posted this over on RCU but thought I would put it here also. I had a concern of my packs being to hot from a test run on the bench the other night. I could hold them no probelm but they were hotter than I expected. Thanks in advance! :D
Here is what I posted on RCU;

OK so I know this has been asked a million times but here I go. I just want to make sure I understand this.
Axi 2208/34 running 10X4.75
Jeti advance 18
Apogee 830 mah 2S1P ( Rated 9A cont. 12A Bursts )

Looking at the motor specs with that prop it should have only been pulling 6.6A ( Per H.L. website ) So should the packs have gotten warm at all? The Motor was pulling 6.6A and they (packs ) are rated to 9A So why did the pack get that warm?
Do I have to big of a ESC? ( 18A )
Am I getting overly concerned about nothing?

When I say the pack got warm, it was a little warmer than those hand wrmers you use in the winter. Like I said it was not "hot" but right on that border line. Thanks a million in advance for your answers!
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