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Hitec Eclipse

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I have two Eclipses 7 channels with or without a flight pack. $150 for the transmitter or $225 with the flight pack. One is about 1.5 years old an is currently at Hitec getting a clean bill of health. The other is about a year old. Channel 35 and 28. Great radios I just moved on to a 8103. I need more planes more planes more planes me out here. Oh plus shipping which is just a few bucks on something that small.
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Sold the channel 28. Channel 35 with flight pack is left. Ill sell the whole system for $200 the transmittor for $150. Plus free shipping for you goobers. Think of the planes you all are depriving me of by not buying this baby. :shock:
how many models dos it hold can't remember what servos are with it how many
7 model memory with 4-422 servos 8 channel receiver 600 mill battery switch an charger. I believe it has 3 standard mixes with 5 pmixes. Programing for heli sailplane an fixed wing. 3 flight modes as well I believe.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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