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Hitec 5245

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I have four of these to go into the OMP edge. After doing a search I don't see many of these being used. Did I make a mistake in selectng those??
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I have had two of these go out on the throttle of one of my big planes. And I have went through several of the 225's as well all on the throttle channel of various planes. All the while Smallfly has had several 225's, and a 5245, and hasn't had any problems with any of them. Go figure?? I know the gear train will not take to much tail tapping abuse however as that is the only problems Smallfly has had with his. I think he has went through at least two rudder servo gear sets.
ive had every kind of serso fail on throttle now i try to isolate them from the engines vibration as much as i can, by using soft servo mounts and nylon pushrods now the servos dont bounce around as much maybe it will help... not that this has anything to do with 5245's
spastic said:
by using soft servo mounts
WTF is a soft servo mount??? :? :D
Yes the achilles heal of the 225mg and the 5245 is the inner plastic gear. I have had good luck with them but you CANT abuse them any at all. The good news is that when you strip your rudder servo (and you probably will if you do tail touches) you only have to buy the cheap plastic gear set and replace that inner gear. I also would not recommend full speed diving snaps, too much stress if repeated over and over on that inner gear. I sure would be nice if they would change there inner plastic gears to metal, other servos have them but I understand there concern about m/m rf noise. The new carbonite gears on other servos may help this situation
I have been using the 5245MG on the ailerons in my Sledge for over 8 months,I had one go bad probably due to a hard contact with the ground :shock: .. I am putting 2 more in my new Sledge, hard to beat the speed and power for the size and price.

On a side note I had to send my 9011 JR's off. I guess nobody makes a perfect servo.
I have a set of the 5245's, and have had some trouble with one just being dead when I turn on the radio. It would work fine the flight before, and then just be dead. I lost a gear set in a new servo for no reason. Some of the people that have had failures with the 225's that were not gear failures were running 6 volt reciever batteries. Tom
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