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hi i am new here

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my name is ido aka 3d buster

im 15 years old and flying 5 years

my new vid ... topcap.wmv
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Great Video :shock: like the Frank cover music, great flying, excellent addition to the Bros :D welcome to the insanity...
Bravo Bravo!
Nice job with all, the video, the plane and the great flying!
Nice soundtrack,
I did it my way :?: :lol: You sure did and did it well!
Welcome to the hood from the windy and frozen plains (soon to be frozen that is).
nice video and nice job flying....G
Welcome Ido!

You are a talented flyer and a top notch videographer too!

Nice stuff duuude..... Cool vids...
That was some sweet flying.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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