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HEY YOU ***'s

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:D hello :p
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Hey Auger, I think he's talking to you! :shock:
har har!!!!! :lol:
Man, after a pissing match with the wife, I saw this and cracked up laughing!

Jim D said:
Hey Auger, I think he's talking to you! :shock:
Hey Jim!

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Hell I'm so confused, I can't even decide if it's a compliment or an insult. It's like you have to have it in context and see the facial expresssion! :? :D

LMAO at thos pics!!!
Constrictor said:
I've seen that sign many times, always amazed any one would actually call their company that!! :lol:
I think I like this one best! But what was Paul doing at the time the (head shot) pic was taken? :roll:

PaulSwany said:
Gator looks like he is saying "hey, what happened to my body" :D
Looks like he was prepairing to catch a load of Spamgooey! :shock:

Notice how the head is thrown back and the way the mouth is just hanging open.... :eek:
I think that little dog at Nashville had him and was just about DONE! :shock:

BTW: That's Paul, not Gator!
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