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Hey, I know that guy!

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Model Aviation, November Edition, page 87.
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Yep. he's a ***!!!! :lol:
Ok I guess Ill have to go get my MA an see who you wieners are talking about.
Just a *** and his fat little plane... :roll:
You know you would think they would give me a couple of those little planes for naming the event after me (small). Bet he's allready ordered a hat 2 sizes bigger :lol:
I heard the guy that built that thing is a real putz..... hahaha.... :lol:
I heard he hoards other dudes ariplanes at his house too :shock:
Hey Rik, go check out all the second hand JR radio equip on ebay under my name...... hahaahahaahah :twisted:
Last I heard, you had some of Bandito's stuff too... Hopefully it's his stuff for sale :lol:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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