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Well im only 17 but a true youngin PRO BRO @ heart. Sorry i have to do this but education is what supply the money for this hobby. Im getting out and wanted to see if any body wanted to purchase a Futaba 7UAF on module 35 with 5 Futaba standard servos for $200. + shipping. If any1 wants it lemme know! Also i have a Futaba Skyport 4 for sale on ch. 46 along with the Rx so if you want that $100. I will go down if I have 2. Just wanted to see what you wanted before i goto ebay and do this. OH yea i have a tower hobbies covering iron any1 want for 10 bux???? THx alot again!

p.s. Everything is in working condition. The Futaba 7 was never used b/c i ran out of money to build and grad. is coming up and i got it off ebay!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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