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Hey Gator!!!

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Hey Gator!!! Can you say BIG ORANGE! :shock:

How bout them Vols! :twisted:

Hmmmmm, I'm sure the website will be rolling again soon.
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I can say :oops: .....nevermind....GO GATORS!!!!!!! :twisted:
I'm sorry but it kills me when a ref is right there and watches an incident and waits until the retalliation to throw the flag.....
Usually they only see the second man but this time he was right there watching it all!
Congrats to Tenn on the win but I'd rather have seen them get the extra point and go to OT. Nothing like 2 great teams going at it but that call still pisses me off.
Hey Jim, the Vols did a great job. They have another tuff one in a couple weeks in Knoxville against Auburn. I will be there screamin War Eagle!!! :)
This will be another barn burner I think!!!
Your right Scat-r-d. They allways say the second one gets the flag because he is the one to get seen. I would say the Ref without a doubt saw both kids slap each other last night. Kind of blows a hole in that theory. I wish they would let the kids play in games that important. That call may have decided who wins the SEC East!!! Overtime would have been soooooooo great!!!
It looked like that ref was waiting for the Florida guy to retaliate, It was a bad deal but you have to give it to the kid for hitting the 50 yarder to redeam himself...I was pulling for the Gators though...GO SOONERS :lol:
Hey JIm D?
can you say "I wish we had a QB" : :shock:

WTF....OVER??????? :twisted:
GATOR said:
Hey JIm D?
can you say "I wish we had a QB" : :shock:

WTF....OVER??????? :twisted:
I'll take my lumps :roll: QB hell!!! Wish we had some coaching :evil: I'll just say it. UT came in there with the atheletes to win and Urban just flat put fat Phil and Randy 'No Clue' Sanders to shame.

I thought I was gonna blow a fuse when they brought Clausen back in at the end of the first half right after Ainge had just marched them down the field, I mean WTF!?!

And baiting the punter with that pulling the corner while the safety was creeping over there, got to admit, Urban appears to be the real deal.
hey , it only took me 10 min to dig up this thread

but I knew it was there :D

Gators were fortunate to hang on :eek:
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