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Hey Constrictor or anyone with 65" Yak

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Where does your Yak balance? Mine came out about 1/2" behind the plan location with a spinner and one of the brass heavy hubs. I hate to add any more but don't want a handful right off either. It's ready to fly except I still haven't come up with a color scheme. It's all white right now except for the canopy which is silver and the bottom half of fuse is red. I think I'll fly it in the morning and then lay down the color scheme once I figure it out. I have till friday to figure it out and get it on.
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Great, that what I wanted to hear!
Constrictor said:
Mine balances 3/4" behind the recomended place on the plans. Flies great there but it would be slightly better for knife edge with the cg forward a bit. You will be fine at that CG
I concur with constirctor. 8)

yeah if constrictor had it ballanced right maybe he would be able to do high alfa knife edge (HAKE) :D ...LOL... yes i am being sarcastic
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