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Hey Anybody else wanna see some SWaney planes for AEROFLY?

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Me and Rik have been tinkering with the Aero Fly models changing the skins is a no brainer but I would like to put our head together and put out a MOJO and a Buritto for I can tell all we need is a wire frame of the aircraft with as few polygons as possible I have found several tutorials on doing this but the 3d modeling software is a bitch to learn I have managed a couple of wings but nothen I was very proud of I know there must be someone out there that can whip a few of these out?
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I would love to add a Swany bird to my AFP collection. I cant help though. Im suprised I can make it to this site every time.

Here a link to the tutorial on the subject
Id love to have them. It seems like the smaller the model the less likely they are to fly well on AFP. There engine seems geared toward larger planes an the smaller they get the less realistic they are. Im sure you could do a great small one if you were up on how to do such things. If I remember right OMP had tried to model some of their small planes without much luck.
Well they have the Yak 54 which is a 40 size right? it flys nice!
The Yaks they have for AFP are the 65" one and the 79" one. I LOVE the way the 65" one flies. I recolored it to match my Yak and moved the CG back a little. For some reason, it takes quite a bit of up trim on my TX to get it to fly level, though. None of the other planes in AFP do that. I have about 10 clicks in it for level flight.....

For the MoJo or Burrito, you could probably just scale them up enough to where it would fly good. To me, the scale of the planes in AFP are nowhere near the real things anyway.
I'd be interested, in the Burrito and MoJo

I have to retrim my yak with up elevator everytime too. Not sure what the deal is but your not alone. And any high G move will blow it apart midair. Aside from those issues I love it.
Hell yeh Id love to see em for AFP.

It is generally ture that the smaller they get the owrse they are but I have the Yak from OMP and it flies great.

You would probably find that the Burrito and Mojo woud fly ok but the Taco wouldnt be as good.

I knew there would be intrest I have drawn out a very burrito looking wing with the freeware 3d program listed above some of you gurus jump on in here d/l that program and lets figuer one out!
yes please make the Burrito for AFP i have been looking for this for a while..
PLEASE PLEASE make the burrito..

STAN0 said:
I knew there would be intrest I have drawn out a very burrito looking wing with the freeware 3d program listed above some of you gurus jump on in here d/l that program and lets figuer one out!
Are you trying to make it in a scaled up version or actual size? Ive messed around with some smaller planes an they just dont fly right. Id start with something in the 90" wing range an make it look an fly like a Burrito, I think you ll save yourself a lot of grief. :D
Oh an run over to RCU and do a search, there was a guy on there talking about doing a burrito for AFP. His roomie was a game programmer or some such and was interested in taking a shot at it. It could be he has done some work with it already. I think it was in the funfly forum not the sim forum. This was probably about 3 months ago.
The way I understand it I can scale it hoever big I want it when I convert the Cad files You can also adjust the wing Properties from the game I was hoping that OMP might jump in here but I dunno how they fell about it heh :shock:

Any way it was raining all day so I tried to figuer out the 3d software I think I did a Ok job for the first model I have tried to do> I am trying to figuer out how to get just a pic of the model from the software I used to post but no luck yet

That the free software

I can't upload the file but I will email it if ya want!
Sure send me the model. Why dont you just do a screen shot if you want to post it here.
Ahhhhhhh giving Stano a tutorial on doing screen shots.....stay tuned for upcoming pic. :p
Man that took a min here is a few


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Heyy looking how bout a kick butt skin. :D
Skining is the easy part getting it from this point to a flying model is gonna be tough for me! Heres a few better shots and some fixes


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Dude you rock !!!!
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