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Hey guys, Dan here(the crazy 15 year old). I just came back to this site after a long break. Schools out today and I'm goign to some kick ass fly-ins this year all over! I went to one last weekend and was putting my 31% Edge 540T DOD finally :) I got a job working at a Marina in Massachusetts! MAking some money now and you guys are goign to think I'm weird or somethign but I got a Cub so I ca fly at some scale fly-ins. For Profiles I have: 2 Mini Gee Bees, 4 Shock FLyers, 1 JW YAK, and a CG Edge 540 and some 3D Heaven thing :)

Hope all is well with you guys. I see my picture on the front page. The one were I'm hiding behind the plane. :p And it says check out Pro Bro Mav and his 330 :)

Thanks to Billy Hell for all his support too...all you guys are great. Whenever you have a PRo Bro Fly-in thats goign to have a ton of guys just call me down but I can't travel really far. Well, See you all later


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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