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Guys, we posted this text in the announcement section on rc groups. Maybe some of you can help or have something to donate. I think it's a good cause. Check out the link to the thread :

This is what was posted:

Members of RCGroups are trying to help out some fellow RC Modelers over in Iraq, and have therefore started to collect rc items and donations (via paypal) to be sent to Iraq. This innitiative originated from a thread in the Airplane talk fuel forum (see link to thread below)
As you probably can imagine it is very hard to get RC related items over there. Every donation either in form of papyal or item sent is greatly appreciated.

If you would like to contribute for this cause please forward your donations to:

Arthur Neto
1301 Collingwood Ln
Alpharetta, GA 30022

he will kindly forward these over to Iraq.

If using paypal you can use this address :

[email protected]

More information and discussion about this topic can be found in this Thread:
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