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Help me identify this flight controller

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Can anyone help me identify this flight controller? This quad came from Timerider's collection and I sold it and a few more small quads to a buddy who flys Helis. He brought it back because he could not get it to work. He thought he was not able to get the rx to bind but I was able to bind the rx (at least I think so) but nothing else would happen (other than a light comes on the flight controller). The strange thing was, after binding the rx light would stay on and quit flashing like it is supposed to, then after cycling power on it and taking out the bind plug, the light would start flashing again sometimes and a red light would stay on in the rx. Sometimes the light on the flight controller would stay on and sometimes it would be off. I spent about 2 hours messing with it and gave up. I would like to figure out what flight controller this is to find the instruction manual for it and try to get it working. I told my buddy he may be better off buying a new more modern flight controller and installing it but figured I'd ask the Bros first as someone may recognize it and give me some things to try to make it work. Thanks all!


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Have you plugged it into beta flight? Maybe it'll load up and show you what it is? I don't recognize it tho.
Damn Thom, I figured you'd be the guy to know what it was. I will look into the beta flight thing and give that a try.
I had one way back that looked like that.was basically a 3 axis gyro that used open source software(like "simonk")paid 14 bucks out of china for it.a huge pain to figure out but worked ok,not fast enough to 3d with in the end.
Being that they're HK esc's, could be an old kk board as well. It's an old one for sure.
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