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Heating My Garage

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My 2 - car garage has insulated walls, open thru the ceiling trusses & no insulation in the roofing. It gets damned cold here in WI. I can't affort to heat my garage - as is. But I'm thinking I might be able to heat a corner of it. If I can build a ceiling - in the corner... then build 2 portable - walls. Maybe a small electric heater would knock-down the chill enough for me to build this winter. I figure I could wrap some 2" thick foam board in a 2x2 frame & skin the sides with cheap paneling. I could probably bolt them in place - or something equally take-apart-able. Then - the first day of spring - I'll have some foam for combat wings.

Have any of the Bros done something similar?
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I had kinda the same thing here in North Dakota. I just put roll up insulation in between all the studs on the walls and ceiling. Then built a little loft for storing stuff. I lined the walls with peg board instead of sheet rock and had an electric heater mounted on the wall. It's got a little thermostat on it and keeps it real comfy for winter work. (Had the garage rewired first)
Holy shit man, I need to be thinking about cooling my freaking garage this summer unless I can talk my mum into letting me build inside in the A/C.

But what you said sounds like a pretty good idea.


Hmmmmm on that, are there anyways to keep my garage cool this summer??
get a ceiling on that garage and put some insulation in it. Even sheeting it with 1" foam board would work. Pull 1 car in after running around and shut the door quickly. youll be amazed at how much heat will come off the motor and warm things up. after that a small electric heater should keep it warm enough for a few hours of building. mine can get so warm with 2 halogen lamps and 2 cars pulled in I build in my skivy's
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