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Have you had to dispose Li-Po's yet?

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Had a mid air last night flying. My pack looks like it got hit by a prop. Even if it didn't it fell from about 25' and landed in gravel. It is slightly outa shape ( looks kinda twisted and bent ) All the same I put it in a fire proof box last night, it never did swell or get hot. Don't want to take any chances with it ( reuse it ) so I'm gonna dispose of it. Read alot of post on RC Groups about salt water, puncture/ dont puncture, If it aint swelling go ahead and use it. Just looking for the straight shit from any of my bro's that may have done this before. As always thanks a million!
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Pauly had a puffed pack. We did the preferred ProBro method of disposal:

Hook the charger up to it and set it on 8 amps, stand back.

It never did anything, we got tired of waiting on it and chunked it in the trash.

We hope that you have found this advice helpful.
I can always count on you Chuck! :D :shock:
Actually I need to burn a brush pile in my back yard, So I'm think'n.... 1 Almost fully charged Li-Po+1 Gal of gas+1 12g shotgun= :D :twisted: :D :shock: :twisted: :D

All joking aside sitting here at uuuhhhmmmmm work this morning I'm thinking of putting it on the charger tonight and see what happens.
If you're going to do that, put it in a metal bucket outside. No need to be unsafe when being curious.
Yeah I will, Just sucks 'cause it was only the 2nd flight with that battery. Oh well it's only money. I did find some good prices for batteries this morning at
Did you ever get that colored foam from TBM? If so what do you think of it?
Yep the foam came yesterday. I haven't had time to open the box yet. This is cub scout camp week, so I leave work early, get the boys to camp at 5 and don't get home until nearly 10pm, then start over the next day.
Never nuff hours is there! :D
Let me know what you think of it when you get a chance.
Never even opened the box ?? :shock: :shock: :shock:

It is ILLEGAL for a taped up box to be inside my house !! LOL Even if I'm on my way out the door to something important.....and yes Chuck, that happens occasionally.....then I at least take time to cut the box open, and have a peek inside.

If I order something for one of my friends, the box gets the same treatment. They are not even surprised by it anymore..... hehe Once it crosses the threshold of my doorway, it's in MY territory, and it MUST be opened !!

A man has to have his priorities......and we need to get yours adjusted.. :lol: :lol:
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Believe me, it is KILLING me.

I'll check it out tonight after camp and post some info. I'm going to get a new bird cut out for this weekend and I'll get some more info and vids.
Quicker, start a thread on that foam once you look at it. Let's hash it out where we canm all get the scoop. I got 4 sample pieces today and I have questions. Haven't had time to try glue yet, but the color is a papaer/plastic covering over white Depronish stuff.
Hi, will a charger suffer if a battery explodes. Like the videos of lipo batteries going on fire

Thanks Macelo
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