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Harrier 3D?

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Anybody flown one?

Anybody seen one fly?

It's one of the planes I'm considering for a near future project.

What do you think?
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You know it's not a profile right??? :shock: I did see one fly a while back but the guy flying it wasn't all that good, so I really can't tell you much about it other than it's friggen ugly! :D
Yeah, I know it's not a profile. It reminds me of the Seduction Wildstyle, just big. I think the Ace 3D Spirit looks like a 40 size version of it.

I kinda' like the looks (different strokes...), but I need it to fly the right way.

I'm actually very tempted to sell my YS, to aviod the larger planes all together.
A guy at my field has one with os 120 on 4s little under powered but did ok for the few seconds I flew it. cant really say to much about it diddn;t get much stick time.
If you do not mind building, get the Seduction Wildstyle. I have had mine for 1 1/2 years and it is the best .40-.60 size plane that I've ever flown. Some of the IMAC/3D flyers at my field are considering them after watching and flying mine. At 4 lbs even, any .45 will give it unlimited vertical. Webra .50 powers mine and it has different levels of vertical acceleration.


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Frank....I can recomend several other planes you didn't ask about and tell you all about why you ought to get one.....But I won't I'll just say.....What the HELL are you thinking....It's FAT!!!
I've got one!

Webra 1.20 apc 15 x 6 prop

Fly's like a fatty but I kinda like it for hands off flying. I have mine tail heavy and still fly great. You steer it around all day long with just rudder.

Hovering and TQ are easy and at about 1/3 throttle on the stick. I don't know I can't complain. If I had to do it over again I think I would have just bought and OMP YAK.

I do like the plug in wings.

My fuel tank fittings were to small and was starving the engine so I swapped it out.

Push rods are 2-56 all around and don't seem to be a problem yet but I did swap the rudder push rod for 4-40. Harrier fine. Knife edge has some coupling in it.

Favorite thing to do with is really just Hover/TQ and take it up as high as I can see and kill the engine and do some deadstick acrobatics...floats forever.


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Two of the guys in the local club have ended up hanging back up in the hobby shop for sale the other guy just flys circles.......
I looked one of them over pretty good....other then the extremely tall fuse in the back its not much different then a UCD ....or the Matrix Extreme with funfly wings, fuse is really close to the Matrix.

Ditch the YS Frank on RCU.....I Imagine you could get 300 for it over there (morons pay way to much for stuff over there) .....go to your LHS get a saito .91 for 225 an get the 70Katana.
I have to agree with DHOOKS. I've also owned a few UCD's and would rather have the UCD again instead of this. even though it's convienent to transport the stubby wings, it's a pain to put together. It uses 4 nylon screws to hold the wings in place and if you got big hands you get tired of screwing them in and taking them out. (Dang never thought I would write that in a sentence, .....tired of screwing......heh heh)

And I didn't think it was that ugly at first until I brought it to the field and all my good buddies telling me it looked like a flying 2 x 6......Still it is a Good Flying airplane....But I think for PRO BRO style of flying it's a little WEAK and Boring....
Anybody wanna buy a YS 91 FZ?
You know...

It just hit me that the Super Sledge came out tail heavy. I wonder how much a 7 or 8 ounce increase in nose wieght (the engine) would move the CG on the plane?

I'm at about 6 inches now, maybe 5.5 would be nice. I'm gonna go find something that weighs about 8 ounces, and hang it from the Saito, and see where the CG falls.

Then I have a nice Saito 91 to place. :D
Now ya thinking Frank!!
Tail Twister,
What's wrong with the YS 91 FZ? Is it that it just don't want to run right or something else?
It runs great! An APC 16x4W at like 10,600 rpm with transition in a blink. It is just heavier than what many of the planes I want to build need.

I may have a buyer for it, otherwise, I may try to slip it in the SS to try it out.

I think the harrier is a bust, however.

I still think the Kat 70 may have to come live here. I think the YS would cause it to need 3 ounces of lead in the tail. The YS is about 28 ounces or so, as compared to a Saito 91/100 at about 20.

The Yak 65 from OMP isn't to my taste looks wise, but it would work well (balance easily) with the YS.

Sell the YS, but a Saito 100, and work my Jedi mind trick on the wife for a Kat for Christmas?????
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Sounds like a heck of a plan to me. There must be something you can put it in without having to add lead to the tail. Hell, build a SPAD, that'll work.
TailTwister said:
Sell the YS, but a Saito 100, and work my Jedi mind trick on the wife for a Kat for Christmas?????
NOW YOU'RE THINKING!!!!!!! That makes sense to me, except I was just thinking the other day that the YS91 would be nice for a certain plane that I'm expecting VERY soon to work out. If it aint sold, let me know. :lol:

Frank, do you have any comparison for the YS 91 to the Saito 100. I swing the same prop but I haven't tached it. But it does have great transition.
I've never seen a 100 run really. I do know that my YS kicks the shit out of my Saito.

But considering the weight difference, they are for very different planes.

My YS was in an 8 pound Su-Do 60, and shot out of a hover like an F-14 off of a carrier deck.

My Saito is in a 5.75 pound SS with similar performance.

A 1 inch bigger prop plus 1000 rpm makes a huge impact on thrust.
Another thing I'd really like to do is a Quicker Bipe and a Saito 82...

I need to start to play the lotto, or something... :cry:
Well, the Harrier 3D will not come to live in the house of Twister. I'm just not SOLD on the plane. Gordo and Quicker are still singing the praises of the new Kat, so that might have to be the bird.

I looked into slapping the YS in the Super Sledge, and I say no. The weight will move the CG almost an inch forward, and that might be too much. The Saito has the pop to get the job done anyway. I'd also have to dremel the engine mount, as the Saito is a very tight fit, and the YS is a few mm wider.

The YS might fit easier into the Kat, as it seems to have a longer tail (less lead, if need be), and at almost 100 squares bigger, carry the weight better.

So Gordo, when can we expect the Kats? Have they left the factory yet?
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