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Happy Vetrans day..

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As a Vet I just want to say thanks to the rest of you...Happy Vetrans day.. 8) Bill
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Right back at ya Bill and thank you too!

Happy Birthday to all Marines too. Yesterday we turned 229!

Semper Fi!
Thanks Vets!

One of my most memorable times in my life was in '96 when I was invited by my pastors dad to attend a squadron reunion with him and his son in Pensacola Fla. He flew with the 75th in China WWII. This is the group that took over for and was headed by members from the famed AVG. I was rubbing shoulders with Ed Rector, Tex Hill, Flash Segura and many other greats including my Pastors dad Delbert "Mac" McCammon. I sat right next to Donald "Lope" Lopez for both banquets. Don finished out his career as Deputy director of the Smithsonian Institute. It was a weekend I will never forget.

We are forever indebted to you...
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