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I bought this plane NIB, built it, and can't get my Super Tigre .61 dialed in. I'ts got a good transition, but if you hold the nose straight up, it leans out and quits.

I'm tired of tinkerin'. Gonna unload the plane and engine. I've got a bisson pitts muffler on it, also have the original box, muffler, and extra carb parts.

This plane has never been flown. $250.00 shipped to your door.

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Try a Fox Gold RC Long plug with the idle bar.

Tune it with the nose straight up, and then go fly it. Don't set the needle with the wheels on the ground. Setting it with the nose up will cause a slightly rich run, but the plug should handle it.

When we used the ST 61s on C/L planes, we ran 4 stroke plugs in them.

Go 10% fuel with no more than 16% lube. I like Cool Power. Tigers hate the grease, but love to drip raw fuel.

Any chance of separating out the motor? I can't fly a plane with a shark mouth on it.
Check the fuel tank. It might be as simple as you are sucking air in around the tubing.

Try running the motor with a 1/4 tank of fuel. If there is a problem high up in the tank, you probably won't be able to start the motor.
Yep sound like you're drawing air somewhere. Check all your lines inside and out. Sounds like you have pinholes in the line maybe near the fuel tank opening or similar.
Engine has been sold. Would like to get $150.00 out of the airframe.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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