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Hanager9 Ultimate

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Here is a pic of the H9 Ultimate I just finished. I'm using a himax 2015-4100 with gws d gearbox, hitec hs-55 servos, electron rx and cc-25 speed control. It weighs 13.44 oz with a 3cell 1200 mah battery.
So far I ready like the way it flies.


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yours flys ok with the battery that low hows the ke coupling mine was worse than a u can do till i moved the battery all the way up
I'm just finishing up the Sharpie-coat on mine.

Talk more about battery location and flight performance, I need all the help I can get...
Does it come with the yellow/black/grey graphics on it or is a decal sheet?

Only the canopy is on there. Ther rest is a set of big decals to be put on by the customer.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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